What does it mean to be a General laborer in Canada?

For being a general laborer, there is no formal education that is required. It is a job that requires skills and capabilities; thus, specialized training can help the applicant. It is an unspecialized job that includes construction, landscaping, and also moving a lot of material.   They can work with carpenters and plumbers at sites, and he can help with taking the ladder up and down and scaffolding structures. They control traffic and set us barricades and cones at locations. Their work is extensive under a specialized job and requires a lot of Physical Strength, hand Eye coordination, concentration, and endurance. 

What are the job duties of a general laborer?

  • A General laborer will help in cleaning and preparing the Job Site.
  • They will help the applicant in loading and delivering material.
  • Should be able to use a wide variety of tools like Forklift, levels, power drills, Grinder, etc.
  • Have good understanding and  communication skills to be able to coordinate with others
  • Estimating skills are necessary

Formal Apprenticeship for Being a General laborer

Those who wish to serve a formal Apprenticeship for being a general laborer should be at least 18 years of age and have a High school diploma or an equivalent degree. An informal apprenticeship is getting on the job training and learning from experienced mentors. Professional organizations such as the National center for construction education and research can help the laborer get accrediting training certificated and enter the field of construction or maintenance. Apprenticeship is all about sharpening your skills and preparing yourself for the job.

What is the salary of a general laborer in Canada?

On average, the hourly rate of a general laborer in Canada is CAD 16 per hour. There are entry-level positions that start from CAD 27,300 per year. However, there are also laborers who have made around 38,146 per year—it all depends on your endurance, ability, and skills. 

Labor can also work in rotations and shifts they the job provides some semblance of flexibility to the worker. There are different areas where a Laborer will be working if he is hired- Load, Unload, Assembly and Repack. With basic numeracy and literacy, the applicant will be able to grasp the technical ideals and earn money. A Laborer will have to carry heavy loads, climb ladders, and dig holders on a typical day. Generally, getting everything was done makes his hands dirty. A general laborer is expected not to be dictated by weather conditions and perform his role despite lighting, rain, and other such scenarios. 

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