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Sprtrols is one of the highest and efficient engraving, and has a good attack. At present, his full purpose proposal number (including the ball, the ball, the ball, the attack, the copy, the ball attack, etc.) rank history 8th.

“I don’t expect it today”, he said, “Maybe this week’s answer is also negative”. 49 people have a very interesting decision about Bowman, because if he doesn’t have a hundred percent recovery now, the team will lose 1 or 2 games in the next three weeks, so why adventure let him return to the venue For a season that may have failed? But if he recovered well, and 49 people were still fighting in the race of competition, and they thought he was the last piece of the Super Bowl Champion Puzzle, he would be activated.

After the entry into force of the new contract, if the injury occurs within Capet Nick this season, the 49ers may be exempted from payment of the secured portion of the salary of his injuries, while the contract Capet make Nick a chance next season to test the free market. If these factors take into account the position, 49 people will be more happy to put down concern to use Capenik because their financial risks will significantly reduce.

In the fourth quarter of the battle of the Eagle in the sixteenth week, Griffin II was defeated by the eagle defensive end of Fletcher Cox, and Griffin fell to the ground. . However, Grunetton said that his arm did not have an occasion when he was trained, just slightly sore, “We will let him rest for two days to deal with the game.”

Although the 2016 season Capeni has not yet got an opportunity to protest against the unfair behavior of the black and other minority groups, the decision to choose not standing when playing the national anthem, is one of the hot discussion points in the United States.

The lower half of the falcon offensive is not reduced, and Hurio-Jones balls 12 yards, running to special videos – Coleman’s 15 yards. Falcon all the way, eventually run Guide Von Tower – Freman scorpion 1 code to score, Falcon 26:10 Leading. Going back, the Hawks quickly faced the four gears in the half of this part, fortunately, with a foul on the other party, ILLEGAL FORMATION, has achieved first attack. Then Russel Wilson Chuan Paul-Richardson, won 40 yards. The final Stephen-House card is 26 yards, 13 points behind 13:26. However, the Hawks and Defensive Groups that suffer from suffering from the disease still can’t find the state, Dude Vanta-Fri Man ran down 53 yards. Enter the fourth quarter, Matt-Bryant 31 yards rejoithns, Falcon 29:13 Hawks.

Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapople writes, which is inflated, 49 people with Kenik to reach a restructuring contract, this contract will alleviate the team’s concerns about the quarter-free current contract .

After 49 people lost the game, after the team’s record fell to 1-4, the process immediately turned out. 49 people taught Chip Kelly, said on Thursday, after seeing the disaster performance of Blaine Gabbert, he needs to re-assess the team’s quarterfire after seeing the disaster performance of Blaine Gabbert. situation. Kelly repeatedly reviewed this view when he faced a reporter on Friday, saying that he did not decide who will send who will send out who will send it to the array Faulibull team.

“Today he is present, training room and strength training room will do some recovery exercises”, coach Jim Harbaugh, said before 49 people trained, Bowman on January 19th with the sea eagle The left knees on the national contest were devastated.

Division of the Division (1/4): Matt-Lan Sanda, Falcon 36:20 Hawks to enter the national contestBeijing time on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, 30th, 2016-17 season seasons, the first game of the seasons in the season, officially started: the regular season record 10 wins and 5 losses 1 flat, defeating the Detroit Lion in the EAC The Eagle Serve Georgia Dome, challenges the national seeding, and the regular season record 11 wins and 5 negative Atlantan Femplay. The two teams have been handed over in the sixth week of the regular season of this season, and the Hawks at home 26:24 Sinname.

The second section is approaching, the Hawks are out of the game, the falcon starts attacking from this part of the code line, and the external hand is Mohamed Sanu to promote 22 yards, external hand Taylor – Gabriel 28 yards, enter the sea eagle half a field, Hario Jones 20 yards, running DVIN Coleman, running down, running 14 yards score. The Falcon has expanded its lead to 19:10, entered the second half.

There are only 2 minutes and 51 seconds left, and the Hawks are still struggling. Russel Wilson Chuan Paul-Richardson won 58 yards, but after video playback, this ball was sentenced to unsuccessful. Subsequently, Russel Wilson tried to connect close to Luke Wilson, Falcon’s Diion Jones, in front of the ball, the ball, the Falcon locking the victory. In the end, the Atlanta Falcon was overcast the Seattle Hawks at home 36:20, and repeated four years ago, the promotion of the national contest. They will face the winners between Green Bay Package and Dallas.