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“Perbus is one of the greatest players in rugby history,” said Black Leopard, Ron Rivera, said. “The data of his career proves his outstanding talents and efforts. He is the leader of our dressing room and community. I am very happy to know and understand him in the past two seasons. He received Hurricane Flore The people affected have a lot, he brings hope for refugees, which reflects that in addition to him. I am very proud to be one of his coaches, and I am very happy to retire with a black panther. “

Steelman line Wei Harrison is willing to accept the ban on drugsJames Harrison said he was willing to meet the NFL investigators to discuss with the peninsula TV US Division reported with banned drugs, but he has some conditions for the face.

Pebz is the nomination of the Dark Panther 2018 Walter Payton annually to commend his contribution to Hurricane Florence. The award will publish a winner at the NFL annual awards conference on this Saturday.

The report of the December December last year claimed that Harrison received a number of players named Delta-2 Cheap Jerseys From China a pharmacist. Harrison denied allegations. And this pharmacist changed its own statement after becoming a report focus.

The three best lineups, in the 17-year NFL career, in the 17-year NFL career. His 159.5 career ranked NFL history fourth, including 97 kills of the black panther history record. The 11 CDs of Perb make him the only one in the NFL history and a player who had at least 150 kills and 10 times.

The ground attack of the ram is expected, except for Galley, the second-year running Wendre-Mason will also obtain the corresponding appearance time. If Mason can continue the performance of the last season, if Galley can respond to the team’s expectation, the backfinder combination of the two will be an important force that cannot be ignored by all opponents. Relevant persons revealed that the ram could not guarantee that Galley can play a first week in the first week, and the team needs to continue to observe the performance of the running guard.

The broker believes that Elays Mann will stay in the giantThe four points of the Eli Manning will remain in the 2019 season. It is still a mystery. At present, the Eli’s broker Tom Condon has not learned their clear intentions from the giants.

“In 17 years, it is a long history for a rugby player.” Pebus said. “This is almost the length of two career for many players. I am very happy that I can play for so long and keep health, I am still good now, even though I hope that I can do it all the time, but I know I can’t do this. It is. Any story will have an end, and now it is time to end everything. Today I chose to retire. “

Les Snead issued a comment on the physical condition of Galley for the first time. He confirmed that Galley can participate in the corresponding football activities and will participate in the training camp in a health state. Galley’s recovery speed is still surprised, after the knee injury is only 8 and a half months, he is close to healing. Prior to this, Galli has been carrying rehabilitation training in the training camp voluntarily involved in the team.

Harrison also posted the Alliance in Instagram to inform him of the letter picture held on July 28. NFL refuses to comment on Harrison’s speech. At the same time, Harrison’s brokers also refused comments.

Last season, it was influenced by a bad offensive front line and the performance of Todd Gurley. Of course, this also has a Queen’s own question. He sometimes hesitated in the four-dimensional protection net. When he passed the ball, he did a lot of bad decisions, causing 16 pass to be copied, and it is the most career.

Ramir Run Run Guelley will participate in the training campThe rookie of the St. Louis Ram is a must for adapting to NFL seconds. The first round of the 10th time selected Super Run will participate in the team’s upcoming training camp. The official of the ram has confirmed that the name of Galley will appear in the list of activation.

The ram gave him a huge contrast contract in the last season, let him accounted for about $ 30 million in the salary space of $ 30 million in the next five years. This means that in the next few seasons must let Gaofu lead the team.

“In the fifth year of your career, in the fourth year of this offense system, he had a kind of dominant attack. You strongly believe that you have to give him a plan, so that he can really dominate, and understand the ultimate, most It is important to pay attention to work details, “said O’Connell.

In this year’s break, Los Angeles rave brings blood to the offensive group, the team ushered in the new offense coordinator Kevin Orconnel (Kevin O & # 39; Connell). He hopes that Gaoff can continue to progress.

The problem is that Big Blue wants to continue to keep this 38-year-old veteran. Next year is the last year of Elays Contract, he will take up $ 2.32 million salary space. If the giant cuts him, you can make a room for $ 17 million.