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The head coach John Fox said: “He has a double threat, can catch the ball, and he can also do the ball in the forward route. He is full of explosive power, we can also short code The number advances are given to him. I think he has experienced an excellent night. “

There are two options to Pierre Paul at that time: accepting neck surgery, or let the injury to recover. Pierre Paul chose the latter, it is expected to spend 5-6 months, and can return to the court in October or November.

In the latest issue of injuries announced in the team, Ford and the top take over Alston Jeffery are listed as “doubt.” Both people participated in training on Friday, the team’s opponent this week will be St. Louis ram. Although Ford is borne 32% of the team’s 32% offensive code, Jeremy Langford proves that he has the ability to fill the vacancies left by Fordi. Langfurt 21 times touched, and the total promotion of 142 yards.

Titan signed Bisley this year, hoping to strengthen the team’s ball shock strength, and the front first round show player got a 1-year contract, hoping to use excellent performance to win more next year. Big contract. However, he is not smooth in Titan.

“On Tuesday, July 28, we put Vic Bisley in the list,” Robinson said. “I have been in touch with Wik, he didn’t here, he understood that he was absent for no reason, he told me that he would report to the training camp in the near future. We currently pay attention to the player here, let everyone adapt to epidemic prevention regulations. Team base and training arrangement. We will give him the same adaptation process after Vic. “

Ford’s knee is more serious than imaginationThe knee injury of the Chicago Bear Runa-Ford Forte seems to be more serious than the team expected. On Friday, local media reported that Forti is a lack of knees, and he is the same as his injury encountered in the 2011 season.

Titan General Manager: New Aid to the Hand Vike – Bisley missed the training campTennesi Titan General Manager Qiong Robinson said that he expects Vic Beasley to report to the training camp in recent years.

In the last Falcon attack before the end of the game, Julio Jones completed the ball and was changed after playback. Falcon took this 23-22 anti-Chaoti, at this time, there is still 2 seconds left. 49 people tried to use back to the back of the sky, but smart is smart and mistake, the falcon is manufactured, Olamide Zaccheaus got the ball to reach the ball, 49 people lost out 6 points.

The five-year-winning rate is no longer hopeless, and the lightning may consider the Tyrod Taylor to pick up the first burden. Rivers are currently being copied 18 times, and they will continue to have a problem.

Currently Cowboy and the eagle side are the first, if the cowboy will win when you meet directly, they can lock the partition name. When I defeated the cowboy in the division this year, the male scorpion pushed 273 yards, and the total number of codes was 459 yards. Cowboy is revenge this time, the mushroom has advanced 263 yards, and the 475 yards are promoted, and the ram will only advance 22 yards. Todd Gurley scored 11 times, advanced 20 yards, reached once.

Iqiger Elliott scorpion 24 times, advanced 117 yards, reached 2 times, and completed 3 batches, advance 43 yards. Prada 12 times, pushed 131 yards, reached once. Dak Prescott 23 passed 15 times, advanced 212 yards, divided into Jason Witten and Tavon Austin, completed 19 yards, 59 codes.

Shydly told reporters: “I think the most important thing is that I don’t want to say anymore. I have always said that the team feels very good, the offensive group weapon is rich in tactics, the defensive lineup and defensive system are also very good, etc. Wait. Although it looks good on the paper, it will not help you win the victory. “

“The key to winning the victory is the training, effectively executed, and use the player. The ball runs in the air. This is also what we have to do, you must go to the play. The second round of the playoffs last year, this is very Bat, very successful, but this is not our ultimate goal. “

“What we have to do is to find the way to achieve the ultimate goal, then continue to work hard. Use the good training, even if the remote training is the same. Effective use of these, the team will become better every day. More advantageous months. “

Lightning quartz, wholesale Jerseys Philips Rivers, passing the ball 3 times, and turned the ball once when it was killed by Danielle Hunter. Ifidi-Odenigbo picks up the ball and attacks 56 yards to complete the reachable. At the beginning of the second half, Melvin Gordon fell to the ball, and then the near-end Hunter Henry turned the ball, and the mistake was buried in the victory of lightning.

McCay said: “When this level of players leave, there should be no one to wear their numbers. This is a respectful expression. I have been one of the best players there, I will not say this, but today I can’t help but. This proves how much respect for me is to do to me, and it is only a number, but it is very much more imagination. It is respectful, and it is also proved that the pirate should thoroughly Separate. The seasons are probably not honored me. “