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In addition to the double pack of the ball and the hands of the hand, if a team’s trump is the elite running guard, then he will encounter 8 people frontline defensive (8 men in the box), you must know in the pass The prevalent new century, the 6-person front line Nickel defense, the 5-person front line DIME defense almost eloquinate seven-person front line Base defensive. But if there is an elite runoff of 11 and 12 season Andrian Peterson with Ponder (read SONG, the fourth sound) division, opposite defensive tend to put 8 people front line to “擒 王”, Data display, 11 and 12 Saiteson faced 35.5% and 29.9% of the 8-person frontline defense, while the same average data is only 23%.

Have been selected to the Pro Bowl Hilton may not like the news, his last season due to calf and quadriceps injury played only 10 games. The number of times the ball only 50 times, the lowest since his rookie year, advance the ball 501 yards is the lowest career. Before the 2019 season, the Hilton can be played at least 14 games every year.

Since 2002, in order to protect the players, NFL49 update rules, improve the safety of training methods, strengthen medical programs, and educate the dangers of players and clubs. NFL also launches the brain shock inspection process with NFLPA, and the players must check if there is a risk of brain volatile or other brain injuries.

The most typical thief 擒 王 is a double wrap. NFL star players often have different physical fitness and technical scope levels. It is often a common person (or said, often Nfl jerseys players), if only one ordinary player is aligned, often being hard again by the other party again, this is a double package The clip is played. For example, the treatment of Wei Zhentu:

Rugby thief thief

Du Fu has poetry clouds, “The shooter first shot horses, the thief first smashed the king.” Said that the thief in the thirty-six meter, refers to the destruction of the enemy’s main force, with the overall strength of the enemy . This may be the easiest rudeness in 36 counts, but the most demanded force is required. In the football, the thief is the same, if you do it, completely curb the main threat of the opponent, the overall strength of the opponent is almost the same.

Albert, who has entered the 10th season, showing that he is still a stable left truncation when he is healthy. But he is injured. Since 2011, he has never been all diligent in the season, he lacks 4 games last season.

McKai said that the spinal injury suffered by Ryan Shazier is not the main factor of the rules change, but the increasing injury has increased the rules update. The injury data shows that the number of players who have been diagnosed with the brain shock than the 2017 season (the preseason and regular season) have risen by 13.5% (243 to 281).

The red skin is currently in the middle of the renewal, although the new blessed Ron Rivera has not retalked Trent Williams, but they will no longer allow offensive front line to continue to lose members.

Shelf was only played in 11 games last season, but his value could not be judged with the team’s record. Professional football focus website put him in the strike 9 (at least 200 file attacks). Sheriff has also selected a professional bowl 3 times, regardless of which team is a valuable wealth.

Due to new championships, Gude will not participate in the season. In the April last year, he would originally become a member of the eagle. But this year’s deal was canceled, 49 people were cut off after one day.

Also 11 and 12 seasons, the Viking people in Piteson-Pound, in them, in them, there is a team called Green Bay packaging worker, is the passenger A-Rogers combination. Rogers don’t have to say, the status in the four-point guard is equivalent to the status of Peterson in the run. Take the 12 season as an example, the packaging workers have sent 5 running guards, and there is a second half of the game, because there is no 1 half-guard, you have to let the whole health kuhn and the outer handover Cobb turn to take the run. The 11-season Emirates provides a textbook solution for the 11 and 12 season packages, and putting 4 people in the four-point guard (usually the four people of physical quality), then put 7 people defense Pass, at the same time, 2 people stay in Cover 2 in the far-reaching road threat (Deep Threat) & mdash; & mdash; meaning: don’t give you the opportunity, you have a kind of run! This kind of play can effectively eliminate Rogers’s pass threats, reaching the effect of the thief, the giant, the team in the years, the tiger, Bill and other teams have followed the tricks, gain a good effect.

Doug Marrone and the Executive Vice President Tom Coughlin will not be satisfied with Albert asking Albert and is satisfied with the dismissal. Considering the history of Albert’s age and injury, whether or not the American tiger meets his requirements, they still need to give priority to the offensive intervene in the draft.

Brown took over Jarvis – Landry (Jarvis Landry) was added to activate / unable to train because of injury list. Five-time Pro Bowl Landry receiving hip surgery in February, is still in the recovery period. Jiemeng took over – moles (J & rsquo; Mon Moore) is added activated / non-football injury list.