Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About True Vitamin.

Neuherbs welcomes you to excellent 360-degree care that works a miracle. It is an all-in-one solution for all your problems in your body. Absolutely no restricted formula to make your life healthier. It is filled with all the required essential vitamins and minerals to complete the lack of nutrients in the whole body. In addition, the mixed support of herbs makes it more organic and harmless for any type or age of the body.

Vitamin-k free is specially used for heart care to avoid blood thinning. Combined with Iodine for better health and surely well-being.

True Vitamin Escalates the Energy –

Neuherbs True Vitamin helps in improving the energy levels of your body while being living a busy-hectic lifestyle. In addition, it makes your life much easier with the mixed presence of proper ratio of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition needed by your body in your daily routine life.

Strength for Brain

By the addition of the vital composition of Vitamin B12, Ginkgo Biloba and Choline, makes your brain more robust and healthy. In addition, it boosts your brain’s memory power, and you can observe the results within few days of usage.

Promotes Good Immunity

Neuherbs Vitamins allow boosting immunity in your body with the support of Panax ginseng, Licorice, Vitamin C, and Ginkgo Biloba. It occurs in such a way that your body becomes an excellent soldier to fight against all conventional breakdowns of health like frequent cold, cough, and fever.

Primary Ingredients of Neuherbs True Vitamin

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10: Boosts the energy pack in your body, and you can feel the change after 3-4 dosages of the same. It helps in improving your immunity and provides the necessary strength to your body that can protect your body from frequent illness in your daily routine life.

Vitamin K Free: This has been introduced for your body when your heart needs extra care. It works for people who are facing issues of blood-thinning in their bodies. In many cases, the patient does not feel much about their body, but later, many health issues already happened. In all of these, blood thinning is also considered an illness that is not quickly know by the person or body. This relates to the heart, and Vitamin K free assists the body in the proper regulation of pumping of blood and avoid blood-thinning problems.

No Preservatives: No additional preservatives have been added for the sake of honesty and to make the product more genuine by nature. Our product is authentic and good for the body of different ages. Our team does not add any unnecessary compound to make it fancy. Only the Organic tablets are being used to provide you healthy and happy life to your hectic schedule.

Instructions to use:

Take one tablet at once. It is sufficient to provide you with all the necessary nutrients for your everyday needs. It can be taken with a glass of lukewarm water or regular water. (Preference is your choice). Two tablets can be taken with a meal.


Only Organic Plant-based

Genuinely gluten-free by nature

No Sugar

No color or flavor added

Passed heavy metal tests


How many tablets can be eaten in a single day?

Neuherbs True Vitamin is made so precisely that consuming one tablet a day is sufficient to complete the requirements of daily nutrients demanded by your body. It improves your way of living and finding the best solution to provide the best healthy life without side effects.

How would we know the exact manufacturing date of the product?

It is tough to determine the exact manufacturing date of a particular product at once because the production happens every time. But it is traceable undoubtedly as the batch number is always mentioned on the cover pack. The date can be found in the marketplace where you have received the product or stock as Neuherbs is always eager to serve you with the best of quality, so the shelf life of the Neuherbs True Vitamin with Iodine is made as 18 months from the date or the month of manufacture of the same.

Is Neuherbs True vitamin with Iodine dope-free?

This product is made for people of different ages as per their suitability, so it is entirely dope-free to avoid any hassle. Many people are not comfortable with the doping system, and it gets hurt. So, we have prepared these medications in tablets form and made them convenient for all.

Does it play any role in weight loss?

Neuherbs True vitamin has always been a solid pillar to give strength to your body. Its composition contains 8 minerals, 12 essential vitamins, and other mixed herbs for Vitamin K free and Iodine assistance. This combination works as a boon for many discomforts in the body and helps in the weight loss journey. These constituents are very helpful in losing weight faster and make you feel light by consuming these tablets regularly.

In how many days your team delivers the order?

Our logistic team usually takes around 3-4 business days to deliver your order on time, and the day count starts from the day of placing your orders. We try to serve you the best of our services without any hustle and complaint. 

Am I able to track my order through anyway?

Indeed, you can. As you place your order, you will receive your order ID; through that, you can easily track the station of your order on our given website. As soon as the order gets shipped, our team will provide the tracking link to you. Thus, you can follow your order’s location anytime.

Neuherbs is the brand you can choose blindly when it comes to buying nutritional supplements online. Our world-class customer service will make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products and our commitments.