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Patriot Corner Gilmore Review and Brown’s DivisionSunday Patriot 10-17 Located in the steel person’s competition, New England Corgeston Stephon Gilmore and Pittsburgh took over Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) had a friction.

Katnik’s luxury house worth $ 289 million, Katnik’s sale behavior is probably because of the contractual reconstruction of this year, the new contract allows the 29-year-old four-defense to become a free player in the last year. .

Smith is very optimistic about the cowboy of this season. After the game, he gave a new show 4 points to Dak Prescott, and Elio Tricks wrote: “I wish you good luck, stay healthy Then get the ring belonging to your ring. “

The Patriot Defensive Unit this performance is still proven, they let the four divided space-Roethlisberger, the 35 yards, no reachable, and have been copied twice. Unfortunately, this is not enough to take the victory results for them.

The priority task of the crow in this year is to make up the offensive group. They signed the running David Mark Ingram, who had entered the professional bowl, and selected the fastest junction and running guards this year.

Emite – Smith: Cowboy to win the ring belonging to your ringQueen Dallas Cowboy, Hall of Fame, EmmitT Smith, defeated Tampawan pirates after the team on Sunday, gave denim rookie, Ezekiel Elliott High evaluation.

In addition to this friction, Gilmoor is only respectful to the entire party. He said: “(Divide) is very interesting. He is one of the strongest external connections. He is the most good at running route, but does the time point of action.”

If you only look at the premieration of the ball, the new fans are likely to put Smith into the elite four-defense. But the actual situation may not be the case, let’s take a look at why Smith’s passion is so high.

Smith said: “I am honored to watch the game tonight. Especially see the excellent performance of Elliot. I am very proud of the current denim, these boys have completed their dreams in their own way. I wish them good luck, especially for the support of Dako and Elio, remember to keep health and then take your ring. “

The jet star takes over Tekel will be a Sunday competition.The New York Jet Errick Demli said that after the first training on Friday, it would say that it will play in Sunday’s game, Deml’s leg muscle injury makes him not completed the bear last week. The game, but he said this week has changed. “Now the leg muscle feels very good” Deml said, “to the training ground, and participated in the training, since last week, I feel very good, I am very happy about my progress, I hope I can participate in the game on Sunday. “

“Everything is pointing to Ramar,” said than West Oti. “We trust him. We believe that he will become great. He wants to become great. We will continue to build a team around his advantage, he will continue to improve your weaknesses.”

Only high ball success rate is not enough to Alex – Smith is not enoughThis season, Kansas City chief quarter-point 卫 阿 斯 (Alex Smith) is closely 80.6% of the Seattle Hawks in Seattle Hawks, and Russell Wilson, Tall League second. On the premieration list of passed forward, Smith can be among the top five.

First of all, Smith’s profound passenger trial is the least in the alliance allore, he has only 5.7% of the passing ball in 20 yards. Lack of short biography is Smith’s old shorthavy, his remote ratio is only 8.1% last season, cheap Nfl jerseys from china and all the main four-point precipitation is third. He has a long-distance pass this season, and the result is over 8 pass 3 in the 73 yards and two have been copied. Moreover, Smith is not just lack of long pass, his pass is not a lot of medium distance, most of which are ultra short distance connectors similar to the screen pass. So far, he has 100 times in 144 passes attempts to pass back or within 10 yards in the front field.

But we did not deny the advantages of this low-risk high-speed power short-term strategy, just to remind everyone to see the passage style of the four defense when they see the preceding leaderboard next time. More important than the data itself.

Bugii said that Jackson’s last season is one of the reasons why the crow has entered the playoffs for the first time in the past. The crow builds an offensive group around Jackson’s unique ability, while Jackson is expected to grow in this year.

Crow boss: 4 points Wei Jackson will be less in the new seasonBeijing May 31, Baltimore Crow Board Steve, Steve Bisciott, said that the team’s goal is a team goal around the four points to Karah Jackson, and reduces this young quadrant. The number of shocks.