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The Alliance will use the tracker wearing the player and the staff to find close contact. If no one is in contact with Terre, there will be no other people’s game days of other people in two meters within 15 minutes, detect positive or symptoms. .

Dolphin Legend Quad Swarfare for Tanny HillThe legendary quartz Dan Marino re-joined the Dan Marino in August this year, and the outside world did not know the exact positions held in the Dolphin team in Marino. At this Wednesday, Dolphin’s current main force quarter-point Wei Lan Tannehill said that Marino did give him a lot of suggestions and help, so that I was very useful.

Tekroft completed the results of 68, 74, and 79 points in the past three rounds, only ranked 70th, so he won’t have too many opportunities in Sunday, so he decided to change a ball. Try the freight, due Going to the hosted distance from Jacksonville, Trufft invited a fan of Jacksonville American tiger to help.

According to department records, a Florida St. Petersburg residents applied for “Tongpawan” as a trademark for hats and t-shirts on March 31. On March 18, a Phoenix man applied to “Tangpawan”, “Tangpawan Beach Club”, “Tangpawan Florida” and “Tangpawan Pirate”, is registered as a trademark for sportswear, Includes T-shirts, shorts, jackets, shoes, hats and sports jerseys.

Braddy approves the new trademark “Tangpawan” and “Tampa Braddy”After joining Tampawan pirates, Tom Brady has applied for a registered trademark “TB X TB”. Now they continue to apply for registering two new trademarks.

Currently, the old will take a litter-Fitzgerald, will continue to stay, although he is not an elite player but still helps to cultivate a young player. In this year, there was a second round of Andy Isabella, picking Hakeem Butler in the fourth round, and picking Choshane in the sixth round. – Johnson Johnson. In addition, there are also two-wheeled Christian, Christian Kirk, 2017, three-wheeled Shi Charde, Williams (Kevin White), Kemus White, joined to join the team ). If Minsbury can ensure that most players can play a power, then Murre has a lot of good pass targets, and the opponent’s defensive group has a headache.

Before Braddy issued an application, a T-shirt with the word “Tangpawan” has appeared on the Internet. Not yet clear where the source of this word is. The slogan of “TB X TB” is either a creative of pirate social media departments or is a cooperative product of Braddy and the team.

Tanny Hill said: “Marino is great, he recently came to the team, participated in some team meetings, and I also studied the competition with him. His competition experience and knowledge are very good for us. Resources, after all, he is one of the most successful players in history. He can always see the small details of the video, some of these small details are about the route of the outer hand, there are some behaviors that I am on the scene. “

When Jinsbury was interviewed, he said he believed that the offensive system in the Rock rickets and Murray were “very similar” in the Oklahoma University. Kingsbury said he will use the five extraction-based patterns than usually NFL teams.

It is clear that Tanny Hill urgently needs Marino guidance. After all, his performance does not satisfy, especially in the long biography, it is struggling, and the team’s number one takes over Mike Wallace has been concealed in interviews. It has expressed dissatisfaction with Tannyhir lacking long history.

“He escaped from the four-dimensional protection network, and the ability to avoid their ability when the defensive frontline did not get rid of the cover and avoid their ability & mdash; & mdash; these are too unique. He is still able to remove and read the situation on the field and still can follow Put the ball out, continue offense … When you disperse the offensive player, he uses a lot of different ways to play power. This is very difficult for the defensive group because if you want him to force him, he can spider The leg runs, you can’t catch him. And if you don’t hit him, he can still tear your defense. We scattered the player, the rhythm of our play, he is really able to show well in the system. People. Sometimes we are more than possible to be divided by most people in the league. We will use the whole site, let them focus on the 5 extends, and 1 quadrant will be very difficult for the defensive group. “

Falcon New Show Cangwei A.j. Terrell New Crown Test Positive US Time Saturday, Atlanta Falcon official announced that Corner A.j. Terre (a.j. Terrell) new crown detection positive, has been added to new crown reserves.

A day ago, the giant defensive front line coach Robert Nunn said that he would contact Pierll Paul, the latter said he would return. When the question and the team can see their star rushing hands, Cauffen did not give a timetable. “Any length of recovery time is possible,” Cabin said. “I won’t make a guess.”

According to Cabin, the two sides conducted a “good conversation” on Friday, and he also said Pierre Paul until ready to go back to the team. “He is looking forward to return to the team,” Cauffen said. “He is eager to come here. But until he feels that he is ready to come to the team before you play.”