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The 30-year-old Johnson is obviously undulating this season, but it still completed the ball data or more in the sixth year. Johnson said to this: “I will think about this issue at that time, everything has an answer, now I only care about how to deal with the New Orleans Saints.”

“You will be worried when players are absent, whether it is Masel or other people,” McDotmot said. “I will remain optimistic. He has done a good manner in the stage of training camp. He really handled very well. So we will pay attention to his injury.”

Stafford told ESPN reporters: “Everything is obviously different, but our offensive group will have new changes, which may be more united, more listening from the offensive coordinator Jimmy-Bob (Jim Bob) instructions. It will be different, because Johnson is not in the locker room, but here is NFL, you have a new player every year, although they can’t make Johnson, but we need to rely on our own thing we can do. “

Buffalo Bill defensive cuts in Maseer Dresis leg teasingBeijing July 30, slight injuries occurred in the training camp. But for Buffalo Bill, they see their best defensive players are still not a good thing.

Martin was selected in the 2012 election first round, Regender.Com and he was selected for the pirates. However, in 2016, he participated in drugs and was banned from participating in the last game and the 2017 season of the 2017 season. In the 2017 season, he was replaced in the last three games and because the violation of the team did not enter the list of appearances in the fifteenth week.

Let us consider an honest look. Who does not miss life? This is a very interesting thing, Man Zeer admit their college life has to sleep and wandering, in fact, it is no secret that the young Texas A & M quarterback love parties.

Fortunately, this injury occurred in the early stage of training camp. Although leg tears may be difficult to recover, Duris has a month before the beginning of the new season. Even after McDemimot, the Bill changed 4-3 defensive formation, Dariss still will certainly occupy a position in the starting lineup.

Last season, Martin showed that he still had a lot of effort. In the eighth week, he replaced the injured Ma Shaen Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) became the team mainly running guards, and the rushing ball acquired the highest 723 yards. This is the third high of the Martin career single season.

Man Zeer recently in Cleveland official website explained his understanding of the NFL: “I do not think I want to college life, but I miss those good brothers of the locker room, I miss coach Sangmu Lin (Sumlin) , I think I said that I miss college life is a very fair thing, but this decision is really my own doing. I wanted to enter the draft last year’s very clear that this will be a different way, I need time to grow. this is the way I chose for myself. If I want to sleep or stay in college wandering in the classroom, I have done over the past few years, and I will stay there, is not it? “

Man Zeer is now going through his career, this adjustment change is very clear, in Cleveland he has no aura of honor, the only rookie quarterback hands the tactics board and at least have to accept that all of my heart.

NFL plans to open a large performanceIn order to have a better base, the new season NFL regular season will be held, which is the Pittsburgh Steelman will have two coastal large performances before the new England patriot.

According to FOX sports news, the front large-scale performance project for the new England and the San Francisco Bay will host the front of New England and the San Francisco Bay at September 10. This means that the NFL traditional contest project is far more than the Boston area in the North California area.

NFL generally holds a pre-match project in the region where the first week of the regular season will be given a pre-bowl of championship. Obviously the alliance hopes to make the 2015 season begin, because this time will be the 50th Super bowl.

Man Zeer Stop it! He actually began to miss the college lifeCleveland Browns rookie quarterback John – Man Zeer (Johnny Manziel) seems more to enjoy in Texas the day instead of sitting on the bench watching the NFL.