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Carol sharing lassier Wilson injury recoveryThe Seattle Hawk has a little disappointment in the performance of the season, they have completed 10 wins and 5 losses of 1 flat record, and the playoffs were eliminated in the division of the session for two consecutive years. Although the defensive group is still the top level of the league but this is not a problem. key.

DeShawn free agent – Jackson expressed the wish to return to RedskinsBack in December last year, a news broke, outside Washington Redskins took over DeShawn – Jackson (DeSean Jackson) want to become a free agent in the off-season after the return of his old team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

The wild horse offensive coordinator is bothered by the ground attack problemIn the last half season, the excellent performance of Denver’s wild horse made people ignore their shortcomings in ground attacks. People seem to have already identified, even if they cannot get support, PEYTON Manning is still able to win. But last week with the new England patriot competition such as a big hammer, waking up the wild horse, and woke up all the fans. It is realized that the team must strengthen the ground attack.

Brek Botes joins the ram to serve as a substitute quarter-savingBeijing March 19th, Jacksonville America, the first quarter, Bortles, had agreed to sign with the Los Angeles ram, and he would serve as the replacement of Jared Goff.

Before Alexander, he turned into a multi-team, eventually joined in Bill in 2016. He carefully of the top ten seasons, but in Buffalo, he made his career and became the center of the defensive group and the high school column of the high school group.

Wild Horse Offense Coordinator Adam Gase said: “I feel very worried about the current status of the team lack ground offensive. We must find the progress method, find some ways to make the running guards. We Will try to do more, see what these boys can do. “The ground attack of wild horses can only be placed in the bits of all the teams, and their fields have tried to be more than 25 times, but they can’t advance 100 yards.

Now a few months later, though Jackson has a chance to leave, but it seems the Redskins still his first choice, US time on Thursday Jackson said in an interview:. “Obviously I still want to stay here my home my house and I have everything here. I do not want to feel all the stuff out. first of all I would like to, I want to work here. but it was all business, wholesale nfl jerseys anything can happen. I’m just looking forward to chance of occurrence. now’s your chance in my hands, I will let my agent now pay more attention to these things, waiting for the arrival of the best contract, but then again I still want to be here. “

The Gas of 36 was considered to have a chance to become a head coach next summer. The team’s running problem is a test of him. He needs to prove that his success is not just Manning. This week, Montee Ball will come back, which will also provide more tactical options for Gas.

Jackson has a very good reason to stay in Washington, DC, this season, he completed 56 catches for 1005 yards advancing, advancing an average of 17.9 yards per reception ranked first in the league, he is an important part of the team’s offense, no one can 30-year-old he will not continue to create something terrible data in other teams.

Recently, the team’s head coach Pitt-Carol (Pete Carroll) said: “He is now very good, the footsteps are also very good, there is a lot more than last season, we have never seen him last season. So walking, although he can move last 5, 6 games last season, it is not like this, we are still paying attention to him, we are very big for him next season. “

The problem of the Hawks comes from their offensive group, and they have fallen from the fourth offensive ability of the 2015 season to the 18th place in the last season. The most important issue is the health problems of the team’s quasl Wilson, although he did not absence any game but the whole season conserved knee and ankle injury.

MARCUS Lattimore encountered similar situations in the 2013 Donkey Matrus Lattimore. He is seriously injured in the game, and the multi-ligament is torn. Similarly, he also has nerve injury. At the NFL team fully understanding his rookie season, the 49 people in San Francisco pick him in the fourth round. At that time, this decision even even Latimer himself could not understand. Finally, 49 gambling did not work. Ratimer chooses to retire at the age of 23.

Botes sent 72 games for the Americas, his password and the number of passes were ranked second in the team history, but his poor performance made the team decided to go to the horse. However, it is believed that his strength is enough to serve as a replacement in the ram.

Before his last game in his college career, Smith was considered to be selected in the first round, and this injury made his draft question mark. This injury includes nerve damage, which leads to one of the main reasons why he is doubtful to his recovery time. Smith has said that the doctor tells him that it will eventually rehabilitate, but there is no more clear schedule. The NFL team may not be willing to pick him with a high selection right. Before injuries, he was considered to be selected in the top ten, some experts even thought he can compete to become a champion.