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Before joining the Jaguar, the Noville of the Carolina Black Panther was selected in the 2017 season. He also returned to this level. “I am still the same,” he said. “I am just being injured all year. I really can’t keep health. I can’t keep steady training every week. This is especially difficult for me. This is why you have to rely on your own basic work and strive to train. You just rely on the basic skills that makes you achieve today. “

As the core of Titan’s current team, Mario Tag has all the talents needed for generations. But the 24-year-old player’s health problem is the biggest hidden danger. In the past three years, Marioa has not yet been able to complete all 16 games in the battle season.

This 24-year-old rushing hand is a first round of the cowboy in 2017, and his unhappiness has lasted for a while. After the first two regular finals were not activated, Charlton sent the twenty of “putting me” on Monday, but quickly deleted this tweet.

Norman has been reported to seek a contract between 14 million US $ 14 million to 16 million US dollars, which will make his salary and the best three angle guards: Darrelle Revis Patrick Peterson and a level of Richard Sherman.

Charlton’s performance is disappointing in Charlton’s performance compared to Iqiger EllioTt, Jaylon Smith and Rretton-Fander Esch. A lot. He played 27 games, starting from 7 of them, completed 4 times, 11 quarters impact and one forcing the ball.

In the case where the salary capsule is now increased and other teams urgently need the young high-quality angle guards, such requirements can understand, but the Black Panther General Dave Gettleman is not as spent as before. Big hands big feet.

After the 2014 season, Cheap jerseys Norman may be one of the best three corner sways in the League of this season. He is in the perfect moment & mdash; & mdash; the show of the show of the show of the Darka; & mdash; one of the signboards of the panther efficient defensive group.

America Tiger Made Novir: Will not let teammates disappointBeijing June 7th If you see the annual salary list of the offensive front line player, the name of Andrew Norwell, the name of Andrew Norwell, is high.

Tak Charlton: Will go all out in the chiefThe defensive end Tak-Charlton, Taco Charlton, swearing that he will contribute the best performance in the Kansas City chief, and may even have anything to do before cowboy and dolphins.

“I am not looking for an excuse, but last season is not my healthier season,” Norwell said. “I took a hurt and eventually received serious injuries. I am very disappointed. I will not let my teammates disappoint.”

“I am ready to go all out. I won’t say that I have always made it all my best. I’m in the past, I will finally be good for both sides. It is not too surprising & hellip; & hellip; I feel some Free, this year, I think you can use the talent and ability to use it. “

This year, Titan fryed the coach Mike Mulakey. Due to the limitations of Muraki offensive systems, Mario Tag’s rapid passing ability and rushing ability have not fully played. The new offensive coordinator Matt Lafleur is highly hoped, I hope he can inspire the potential of Mario Tha.

However, this heavy investment in the Jenan Tiger did not receive an ideal return in the first season. Novol is troubled by injuries and is unstable on the field. He first took the calf strain in the stage of the season, and then on the court, especially in the offense of the squash. In the professional football focused network score, he raised the scorpion score last season at the lowest career. In the end, the ankle injury in November will stop his season after 11 games.