SEO: 3 tips for buying quality netlinking

Netlinking is one of the most influential SEO elements for an SEO campaign. Indeed, Google considers backlinks to be a mark of trust. They also help improve positioning in search engine results.

To acquire these inbound links, you can follow a traditional, labour-intensive method of creating content and then patiently waiting for your site to be solicited by other external sources.

You can also decide to skip the steps and buy backlinks. In case you opt for the latter choice, here are three tips to guide you in your process.

Choose sites with an identical or similar theme

When it comes to recommendations, the rules on the web are the same as in real life.

Indeed, should you have any issues with your vehicle, who would you be more likely to listen to? Your cousin, an expert mechanic, or an unknown florist you met by chance at a bus? The answer seems obvious.

Well, know that Google works on the same logic when it comes to netlinking.

For SEO optimization, search engines will always favor a link that comes from a site with a similar or related theme.

You will therefore understand that if you have a blog on tools, it would be useful to receive links from sites on gardening, home or even DIY. These themes will automatically deal with yours and the same keywords will be found inside the articles. There is consistency in the exchanges and that pleases Google.

Choose sites with a neighboring domain authority or higher than your own

Another parameter taken into account during a netlinking campaign is the authority of the domain that refers to your site. The higher it is the better chance you have of ranking.

Links from sites in the higher authority domain are therefore always preferable. In a way, Google considers that the site that receives the links deserves a share of the authority of the one who provides them.

If for example the Doctissimo site published an article on weight loss and pointed to a page on your fitness site, you are very likely to see your domain authority increase quickly. Conversely, a backlink from a poor quality site – according to Google’s own criteria – would discredit you. Again, this is all common sense. More credit will be given to the testimony of honest people than to that of suspicious individuals.

The abuse of netlinking is dangerous for SEO

An important fact should be recalled here. Netlinking is an act banned by Google, which considers it a circumvention of the rules of its algorithm.

Abusing this practice can therefore be dangerous for your site. You would risk seeing it penalized, or even deindexed from search engines; the opposite of what you would expect from an SEO strategy.

So you need to act smart and make your backlinks look natural. This is the preferred method for Google. It would be prudent in this case to hire the services of professionals in the field.

In conclusion, buying backlinks can be a good idea, but consume in moderation.