ROLL CALL 2020 – FIRST UPDATE, January 7, 2020

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It was in the course of the summer of 2018 that Lee lastly saw her probability to escape. For 5 years, Lee — whose identify has been modified for her safety — says she had been imprisoned with a handful of other women in a tiny house in northeast China, after the broker she trusted to plan her escape from North Korea sold her to a cybersex operator. “When it catches them, it sends them back (to North Korea), where they face torture, internment in a labor camp and sometimes loss of life,” said Lee Eunkoo, the co-founding father of Teach North Korean Refugees, an NGO that helps defectors be taught English. China is a close ally of Pyongyang and doesn’t consider North Korean defectors refugees, as a substitute seeing them as illegal economic migrants. Rising wages in northern China cities have led to a greater demand for prostitutes among the many male inhabitants, according to the KFI report. Some are offered as brides to Chinese farmers; more just lately, girls have increasingly been trafficked into the cybersex trade, in line with the KFI

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