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The worst case is carried out every game at the stadium completely empty field, a person familiar with the league revenues are expected to decline about one-third, reaching 40 to 50 billion dollars. In this case, the team’s revenue will reduce 400 million to $ 800 million. But in the end losses could be slightly less than this number, because some of the court is expected to hold a certain number of fans, but certainly not completely open. However, if large losses occur, then the 2021 season, the salary cap will be affected.

Previously, the saints also cut out the plus card Melon – Cameron meredith. Papent said that many young outer junctions in the team were one of the factors that lay offers decided. In addition to Michael Thomas, the saints need other external hands, but most of the lectures have been made in the last season.

Although Rogers’s health is not as good as September, he also mentioned: “I believe that I am very good, I think many people are tired, I am tired of talking about this matter. When I need to run, I feel pain, I will think about stopping running. “But in fact, last week’s competition he repeatedly rushed out of the pocket to complete the pass, it is enough to prove his injury recovery.

But Gilmore / Butler is a combination of coach Bill – Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) Patriots coach during a rare few to have two simultaneous outstanding cornerback in the peak of his career. Gilmore is only 26 years old and Butler also only 27 years old.

One possible solution is to borrow money from the next TV contract. The new broadcast contract will usually drive up the salary cap, but in this case, these funds will be used for smooth adjustment and make up for the loss the team suffered during the 2020 season. League and players union may also agree to reduce or cancel the additional salary paid according to the performance of the players in a certain number of years.

League and players union declined to comment on the matter. But people familiar with the players’ union knew the team could suffer huge losses this year and is willing to negotiate with the Union, to reduce the impact of the salary cap by as much as possible.

But no one wants to drop the salary cap, teams and players because this will have an impact. The two sides also do not want a salary cap to sign and then dropped very sharp increase in the new television contract in 2022 in 2021. This will make the team and players as well as difficult operating contract.

Although there is no deadline for the talks, the two sides are hoping to reach an agreement before the start of training camp in late July. In theory, the two sides can continue to negotiate during the preseason, but can not start the regular season in the absence of agreement.

“We just played and prove ourselves every day;. Better in training,” Gilmore said. “Every start of the season when we are hungry. We will then prove to everyone playing in the league we can dedicate a high level of performance so I think if we do that, everything will be self-evident.”

NFL will adjust to the new season and the next salary cap and players union negotiations

For the 2020 season, despite the current focus on how to safely and on time are held on the game, before the start of the season, there are some financial problems to be solved.

Informed sources said that a number of the NFL and the players union have recognized the important negotiations will soon decide how to adjust the 2020 season and the annual salary cap next season. For now, affected by the epidemic, the game may be only part of the audience or can only be an empty field, this team will be a huge loss. Therefore, both the league and the players union reached a consensus on the need for each contingency plans.

Willmice said Williams said that she has not been informably in the role of the lion defensive group and the two sides have not discussed the defensive array. He said that he decided to sign a contract with some coaches and was excited to the development direction of the team and his own opportunities in the defensive group.

Rogers: The National Union will not be the first week of replay

The Green Bay packaging team was defeated by Seattle Hawks from the Seattle Hawk at 16-136 in the first week of this season. Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers, said in an interview that Sunday’s national conclusion will never be like the game on September 4.

Salary cap (season 2020 reached $ 198.2 million) is calculated based on the expected revenue, but the Wholesale Nfl Jerseys is also a set of mechanisms to deal with unanticipated higher or lower a pre-season revenue. So 2021 season salary cap situation is bound to be adjusted according to the new season to reduce the number of fans or no fans arrived at the scene.

– Stephen Gilmore (Stephon Gilmore) and Malcolm – Butler (Malcolm Butler) has a chance to become the league’s best cornerback combinations in theory. In an interview with NFL’s official website interview, Gilmore said he was excited to try to make this a reality.