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Buffalo Bart Manager: All positions in the wholesale New England Patriots jerseys free shipping season open competition

Although Buffalo Bille 4-dimensional Taylod Taylor is currently on the first list but this does not ensure that he must start at the beginning of the season.

The wholesale New England Patriots jerseys free shipping Bill Manager Brandon-Brandon Beane, tells the reporter, Miami Dolphins jerseys from china the current Tayle, cheap Miami Dolphins jerseys but everyone can make competition in the preseason.

Bien said: “If we end the training camp today, then I will tell Taylor may be the first quarter-off, but our voluntary training camp has not ended yet. We have young players Pitman, he is at the weekend mini The training camp is good. Cadale Jones’s arm is very talented. I haven’t known him. And TJYates have been a first quarter-off. So the competition in our list is still very intense. “

Brahn quoted the head coach said: “We welcome open competition, fight for opportunities, whether you are where you want to get, I will choose a fixed position because of the business reasons. We have a long time. If the road is going, I am looking forward to our challenge, as I said, we have a lot of people believe that Taylor, but we still have a lot of people to challenge his position. “

Although Bill will give Taylor’s sufficient opportunities, it does not mean that Taylor will be a long-term choice of Bill. Just because Bill needs him to become the first four-point guard, he has the ability to compete.