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Saint-Tuesday announced that they renew the defensive end of Cameron Jordan with a 5-year contract. According to Ian Rapoport, this new contract will make him earn 55 million US dollars within 5 years. The amount of the contract will reach 26 million US dollars, which is actually equivalent to the first quarter-off salary.

“I will say this: The most important thing for young quarters is not to let him play before he is ready,” Elvi said. “So this is the most important thing, if he is not ready, we will not let him play. This is the key. If you know, the dealing with the four-guard position is very difficult, because if you didn’t let him have a chance to succeed The environment and he didn’t succeed, and the sky collapsed. So we have to make sure Drule is ready when he is playing, if he does appear. “

Patriot safety guards talk about the alveas: we don’t careRecently, the new England patriots were accused and were investigated for being allegedly giving rugby. For various speculations and accuses, the patriot has no much response. The team’s only goal is to win the superstap of two weeks. In the interview this week, Devin McCourt was once again asked with the issue related to “ventilation incident”, and his answer is very simple.

The Saint opened the price of the super superstar for Wholesale Jerseys the player selected by the occupational bowl. They think he is a comprehensive player, and it can achieve good performance in the anti-run and anti-transmission. Jordan is a safe long-term signing because he is suitable for any defensive system. He as a 3-4 defensive end performance, or as a 4-3 defensive end, he can occasionally collected on the inside.

Today, Today, the black panting is not good, still being troubled by the shoulder injury, and there is no common heart several times. The whole game Newton 42 passed 265 yards, no reached 1 time being copied. It is worth mentioning that after the game, Newton became a player who broke the 3000 yards per season after Penton Manning after the second career before the second career.

Brown Si Baikheck – Baker Mayfield 22 Passed 1828 yards 1 time Deta, Run Nick – Nick Chubb) Washproof 66 yards 1 shoc to reach, external hand Javis – Jarvis Landry is a 54 yard of the squad, and the ball is 57 yards.

[Review of the event] Brown 26-20 wins the black leopard, win the fifth victoryBrown 26-20 defeated the Black Leopard and won the fifth game this season, the record came to 5 wins and 7 losses 1 flat, and the black Leopard continued to loser, the record has also fallen to 6 wins and 7 losses.

Jordan also has a persistent and stable performance. He has never missed the competition in his career. He has a total of 27 killing in the past three seasons. Although he can’t be a super superstar, the Saint Defensive Group has been looking for a reliable long-term puzzle. Jordan is such a candidate. He is the first round show of the second contract of the main coach, and the first round of the second contract, the first is the first round show in the 2012 season, running to Mark Engram ( Mark Ingram. Pedon only hopes that there will be several people to match such a contract in the next few years.

McCodi said: “We don’t care about this. We have made a lot of efforts in order to last week, and eventually harvested a big victory. The game is fair, any influence will exist at the same time. Now we will not Care for this. “From some point of view, they have experienced a lot of odor criticism for patriots. Their victory is always regarded as “unaccompressed”. In the US semi-final, they completed the key attacks by replacing reasonably, but they were attacked by opponents. After the victory, “venting incident” once again became the focus of attention.

However, no matter how, the patriot has become a metallian champion advances into the super bowl. They prove their strength, the team has reason to be proud of themselves. Relevant persons revealed that the whole team is fully confident, they will not be interfered by the outside world. McCati’s speech represents all patriots players, they really don’t care about these things.

If Locke is now quadrupanitary, then in the game, there is a great increase in the game of Kansas City chief to the Kansas City chief, while the team coach group has stress. Let Lock can make sure he will not be forced to be in the field before preparing for the injury reserve list.

Locke is currently in the injury reserve list due to the right thumb. The wild horse has not launched the process of activating his process. Part of the reason is that the wild horse feels that from the psychological level and the rock is not ready to appear.

The second-year running guards play a career best performance in the team 43-35, Titan, Titan; & mdash; he proves that the role of the main running guard does not become a past style. He won the 196 yards of the 196 yards, and the 65 yards were also taken. This makes him become the best offensive player of the Ninth Week.