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Griffin II and Manning Brothers will avatar superheroHave you painted Griffin II, Manning Brothers, Comic – Newton, JJ Watt Cartoon Characters? This summer, you will see these five super superstars to form a “leader alliance”, fighting on the court with a faithful belief.

This is the second time with DC entertainment cooperation and develop digital comics to portray everyone’s favorite NFL stars. The same period last year is a “super-power Watt” and Newton, which is the prototype of JJ Watt, and the “mixer” of Newton.

Watson’s performance is indeed worthy of the main coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) of the praise, O’Brien said: “He is a smart and unique player, his first game I think he is doing A lot of big things, these behaviors let him come from the University to the NFL bench, I think he handles this is good. “

In 2013, the first round of Cooper was fractured in the race of race in the previous year, leading to his rookie season reimbursement. The rickets will trade him and another player (and a two-wheeled draft) transaction to the patriots in Chandler Jones.

Previously, Brown Deshone Kizer traded to Green Bay packaging workers, in exchange for Damarious Randall, and also acclaimed Cody Kesler (Cody Kessler) Transaction to Jacksonville America, in exchange for a conditional seventh round of draft. Brown has now cleared all four-point guard for the team’s effectiveness last year.

Feng-Miller is happy to get a salary increase in HarrisBeijing June 3rd Feng-Miller and Chris Harris JR. entered the alliance in 2011. In the next few years, the two have been fighting along the wild horse defensive group, and has also won the super bowl, and the friendship is profound.

Therefore, Miller is also very happy to see friends get a salary increase. He said on Saturday: “I have already said Chris to me, I explain what kind of person he is. I have played a 9-year game with him. I naturally hope that he can get it. They (wild horse ) If you have no doubt, it is correct. “

Rocky filled with all defensive files in 2013, Roch was filled with 112 compliments, 5.5 times, and forced the ball and 3 times. But in the previous season, the previous quarter was absent. The contract he signed is to the end of 2016, the annual salary of the next season will arrive at 28.0 million. As of now, he has not recovered from his brain volatile symptoms, and more serious may affect his career.

Cleveland announced that they had already retired Kemin Hogan and a sixth round of this year’s draft to Washington red skin, exchanged the sixth round of the red skin. Brown came to the 188th position from the original section 203 of the sixth round this year.

The raid team has signed the signing of the Line of the Signal City Owl Jamar Chaney as a replacement of Miles Burris cheap jerseys From China the weak side line. Because Briser is a mid-range guard, the pavement of Jason Taffer, the pavement defense, and the total alliance is the second, even if they have a rookie Haller-Mike this year. Strong side.

The raid people are reimbursed in the middle of the monarchy, fear of careerIf the Auckland raid team intends to improve this season under the leadership of Tony-Spartarano, then they must overcome the difficulties of the loss of key defense starters. As the saying goes, the housing leaks live in the rain. The raids of the wounded soldiers are often transmitted. Wednesday team announced that the Nick Roach will be placed in the injury reserves and announced this season.

Patriot striker Jonathan – wounded in Cooper training The first three seasons of Jonathan Cooper were desirable after the first three seasons of Arizona, and they would be able to rehab their careers in the new England Patriot. But he encountered trouble at the beginning of participating in the patriot training camp.

This game Texas lost to Carolina Black Leopard at 17-127, the first quartz, Tom Savage completed 11 pass 9, advanced 69 yards, the four points of the Temple of Temple No one has completed the pass to the ball.

NFL official website reporter Mike Garafolo reported that the offensive front line player was obviously lifted by the battery car due to the leg injury. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Kuper is currently being plagued by footprint inflammation based on the informed offenders.