How do Implants help in Bone Fracture?

The article talks about the role of engineers and engineering play in repairing the severe bone fractures. It also gives us the knowledge of the design and development of implant rods, pins, plates, screws and bone grafts. It also gives us a brief about materials science, biocompatibility, and minimally-invasive surgery. 


Materials science and Biomedical engineers create devices that doctors use to repair severe bone fractures. Biomedical engineers design devices that suit well to the body and can be implemented with relatively little pain and with ease by the surgeon. Materials science engineers create and design materials that are acceptable by the body and have properties same as the bone and human tissues. Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known orthopedic implant manufacturers company who have a team of highly skilled biomedical engineers who work hard to manufacture the quality medical devices for the use of doctors and surgeons.  

Doctors use rods, pins, plates and screws to repair broken bones. Do you think that doctors themselves create these bone- fixing devices? As told above, materials science and biomedical engineers help doctors to create and design the bone- fixing devices that are also known as orthopaedic implants. These engineers make sure that the implants designed by them should not lead to any complications while using and in the future too. They design special surgical stainless- steel, polymers and titanium alloys, especially for orthopedic implants. All these materials are made by our company to satisfyingly fulfill the demands of hospitals. Our engineers also keep in mind that the devices can be inserted in a way that it should not weaken the repaired bone, or the other parts of the body. 

Engineer must consider the following points while designing the medical implants to repair the broken bones as these factors influence the current bone repair devices and techniques: 

• Is the implant minimally invasive?

• Is the implant strong?

• Is the implant inexpensive?

• Is the implant easy to insert?

• Is the implant biocompatible?


A bone starts to heal itself immediately when it breaks. At the time of minor fracture, the doctor cast the broken part, so it will not move while healing. The surgeons and engineers are needed when bones are not able to heal itself properly. 

So, at the time of severe fractures, surgeons are needed to heal the broken bones for the following reasons:

• To restore function and position

• To prevent high risk of infection

• To save a very long healing time

• To heal correctly 


Internal and external fixation are the two categories of bone repair. Internal fixation is temporary or permanent fixtures that are directly attached to the bone under the skin, for support and alignment. This type of fixation includes pins, rods, screws, plates, and wires. Siora manufactures and supplies all these implants for internal fixation. One can find our whole product range at this link ( This fixation is known for providing increased patient mobility and quicker healing time. 
External fixation is the temporary repair supported outside the skin that stabilizes and aligns the bone while healing the body. This kind of fixation includes screws in the bone to hold it in place. Our company also produces the screws for optimum external fixation and export orthopedic implants in UK. This fixation includes metal braces or casts too that can be externally adjusted.