Help your teen get fit for exams in 2022

Help your teen get fit for exams in 2022

In upcoming months, your teenager will pass his patent. Now is not the time to give up. It is not enough to revise hard, it must also arrive in good condition- physical and moral. Go4Prep experts will let you know how you can help them…

Food and sleep: two things you should not compromise on during the review period.

A healthy lifestyle during revisions

Working a lot is no reason to eat sandwiches washed down with coffee or soda.

  • Prepare a solid breakfast in the morning consisting of milk, coffee, chocolate or tea, fruit juice (homemade is even better), cereals or bread.
  • Fill the fridge with easy-to-eat foods so your teen won’t skip breakfast if you’re away.
  • Think of cereal or chocolate bars to snack on in case of a decrease in tone.
  • Avoid gravy dishes that promote unwanted drowsiness.
  • Plan a full and varied meal in the evening, eaten with the family.

Alcohol and coffee: false friends

To cope, teens sometimes tend to overuse caffeine. However, consuming coffee in large quantities causes palpitations and nausea. Advise them not to exceed three coffees per day.

Also explain to them that alcohol may cause them to forget about his memory on the day of the test.

Good night’s sleep

To revise in good conditions, your teenager must have real restful nights. Sleep is essential to consolidate the gains of the day. As we know, teenagers often have trouble falling asleep and hang around for hours before falling asleep.

Some prefer to work late, it’s a matter of biorhythm. In this case, encourage them to set a deadline for studying. Suggest that they crawl into bed with a book. If they stay up very late to study and get up very early to continue, they will not get their sleep quota.

Let them go out once a week, on Saturday, provided he gets up early enough on Sunday morning.

No self-medication

Do not give them sleeping pills if they cannot get to sleep. Only a doctor can decide to prescribe it. Likewise, do not offer your anti-anxiety medication to them, if you are taking it.

Offer them a light herbal tea around 11 p.m. Prefer plants that promote falling asleep : passionflower , hawthorn… to be taken in the form of herbal teas or capsules. Consult your pharmacist.

A relaxed family atmosphere to prepare for an exam

It’s the home stretch for your teenager before their end-of-year exams. Encourage them to play sports at least once a week  : a few lengths of the pool, a bike ride clears their head and allows them to be more efficient at work.

Secure it

Your reassuring presence, without being intrusive, contributes to this relaxation. Put your apprehensions aside if you have any: if the pressure on them is too much, they may freeze and be even more anxious (even if they do not tell you).

No need to repeat to them that this examination is essential (they know this well). Do not pester them to find out where they are with his revisions. Instead, try to secure it.

Make their daily life easier

Unload them from household chores, such as setting the table or taking out the trash.

Pamper them by preparing the dishes they like, by making things easier, for example by making their bed.

Find the right balance between indifference and intrusion

Rather than overwhelming them, show you trust them by encouraging them. Conversely, under the pretext of leaving them alone, do not act as if it does not interest you. Because they expect kindness and availability from you. Too much flippancy on your part in their efforts can lead them to think that you are indifferent.

Without becoming intrusive, find the right time to question them about their grades or the progress of their revisions. Let them know that you are available to talk to them about their revisions.

If you are away during the day, a quick support phone call will do good.

Finally, do not change anything in their habits. If they prefer to work lying on the carpet, let them do it (yes it’s true, it’s annoying…).

School exams: the day before D-Day

Review the route

Don’t let your teenager improvise on the morning of D-Day. The day before, make a location scouting with them : on a map … Plan the most suitable means of transport (metro, bus, car). Estimate the travel time. What’s important is to save them the last minute stress because they thought the trip was shorter or the traffic was smoother.

Check papers and equipment

Provide a bottle of water, chocolate in the form of bars, paper tissues (always handy if a pen leaks or a sneezing attack seizes them).

Review with them if they have the essentials in terms of papers (invitation, identity card, transport ticket) and equipment (calculator, pens, pencils, eraser). More essential than ever: a watch (the absence of which can be very disturbing).

Be positive

The day before the test, encourage them to go to bed at the same time as on other days. There was no question of spending the night cramming, they would arrive exhausted in the tests.

If they are afraid of panicking: explain to them that this moment of stage fright is a transitory phenomenon. If this happens to them, tell them to breathe (take fresh oxygen) calmly and deeply. Advise them to repeat to themselves that they have worked, so that it will be okay. Something good will inevitably come out of it.


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