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This is undoubtedly a heavy blow, Nfl Jerseys not only because of Alex Smith unable to connect with the extra connection of the Emirates (not from the outside year, there is no longer to take up a time), More because Andy Reid’s dispersion offensive system will not pin the goals in a player.

The chief will sign the eagle top.

According to ESPN’s Chris Motosen, the Philadelphia Eagle header to become a free player, Jeremy Maclin will sign a contract with the Kansas City Emirates on Tuesday.

Pete is the 2015 draft, is selected as the cutoff, trained in the team and the transition of the striker. In the early season, he used to take the injured left-handed Hervering Dragon-Armstead, Amstead had previously missed three games due to knee sprain.

Baoke, general manager of the US Tiger, Baoke for the Personnel

The US Tudah Tuesday afternoon, the Jagua official announced that Trent Baalke will serve as the head of the team’s personnel department. Bown served as General Manager of 49 people at 2011-2016.

On the 17th Week, Monday Night Sales: The package workers forcibly keep the suspense, and the lions are on the season after the season.

On the opening of the lion, the result is very fast, Sam Martin abandoned to the position of about 30 yards. The offensive group of the package is debut. Due to the two main running positions, they cannot be debuted, and the external hand Thai-Ty Montgomery and the Great Aaron Ripkowski are mostly responsible for most running guards. . After a murder and three stops destroyed the ball, the packaging workers did not give it. After the three gears of the lions, the ball was once again, using short biography and high-quality road cover, the package workers hit half a field, and the result of the sharpness of Warford in the second gear, Aroma – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) Fighting the fierce rushing of the three-speed size is also an 奈. The lion attack group on the game seems to have retrieved the hand, running Wencenner and the outer hand Golden Tate continues to advance in the road and air, but Tat’s interference Passing to let the lion face the three-dimensional 15 yards, Tatt’s own screen short biography did not take the first attack, the first quarter ended.

Dave Caldwell, the general manager of the United States Tiger, said: “I know Trent for more than 20 years, his joining is a great benefit to us. When he worked in San Francisco, he got countless success and proved himself. It is possible to learn talents, there is a talent. We welcome Trent and his wife Beth (Beth) to Jacksonville, I look forward to him to start working, excavating the free market. “

At present, the Saint 4 wins and 6 losses, and the score of the team’s defensive group and the first league of the propulsion code, the team ranked first in the Dabin South District, and the playoffs is basically hopeless.

In the fourth quarter, I got a slightly smooth attack. The three gears in front of the end zone 9 yards, Rogers twice to the left moved to the left move, 10 yards passed the ball line new show outer handle Alison (Geronimo allison) completed the reachable, Klos is more than missing, 23-14 packages lead 9 points, and 9 minutes and 52 seconds. After the Lion team has barely enter the free kick, the Pratt 54 yards rejoiced, and the score is chased into 17-23. However, the green bay offensive group is under the lending of Rogers, relies on Rogers and the outer jokes, and the Montgomery floor promotes the charcoal in the snow, and the packaging work will kill the front 9 code lines in the male lion. Then Rogers connected Adams completed 9 yards, the two-point conversion once again re-completed, the packageman will rewrite the score to 31-17, the game is only two minutes, the possibility of the lion is minimal.

The team’s main four-point guards, Rocke’s fingers will make him absent from one to two weeks, so that he fully recovered. The second quarter-branch Charlie-Whitehurst will assume the first responsibility, but given that he is not qualified before, the team’s rookie quartz, Zach Mettenberger, will not Small hope debut.

Tennessee Titan main safety and injury season reimbursement

At this Monday, Tennesi Titan main coach Ken Whisenhunt announced the team’s main safety Wei Bardad Polad Pollar Decoction due to resilience to the seasons. In addition, he also said that the four-point guards of Jake Locker is only some silt and swelling, and there is no problem.

The second half has just started, the packaging workers insisted on the short pass + pavement advanced steady offensive routine, before the end area, Rogers faced the rushing, the passing of the 2nd External handle de Wante – Adams (Davante Adams) completed the game The bursts help the packaging workers, and Adams after Detamor came on the door, and the result caused the ball being fined 15 yards. However, the unfavorable news for packaging is: Montgomery seems to be injured in this wave of attack, which makes the next wave of lion’s attack in Nick Perry, in the three gear 5 yards, kill Standford. The pavement of the wrapper on the running guard is only again, and the Montgomery of Montgomery is only once again, and after the repeated foul, I caught the kick in the half-court, Jake Schum successfully The offensive of the package was pressed on the 4-yard line. Then the packaging worker horn Kunming Tin-Roenten Rollins was hugged away, and the third quarter ended.