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NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported: “Listening to them is not too worried about Sam Bradford. He suffered a little slight injury. He accepted the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination and Some other checks. The results did not show any structural damage, but the problem was that his knees have been subjected to many structural damage, so it actually inspected what was difficult to show. Of course, he has already encountered 2 times. The knee is torn. But they did recognize Sam Bradford, and he may need to take injured in the coming weeks and carefully maintained. “

McAfee signed a 5-year $ 38.75 million contract with the bear in 2015, which was previously fighting for four seasons in Baltimore. In the three years spent in Fengcheng, health problems have always plagued this 29-year-old “senior”. In the 2017 season, he entered the injury reserves for shoulder injury. At the three seasons of the bear, McAfee has played 36 games, gains 90 hugs and 14 killing.

On the other hand, Temples signed a 3-year $ 13.5 million contract last March, of which 5 million US dollars are guaranteed. But he eventually played only 3 games, followed by an arm fracture into a list of injuries.

Tampa Bay Pirate Team Mike Evans won 7 times in the last three games, and got 458 yards. Among them, I won 209 yards in the game last Sunday, which became a player who won the 200 yard more than 200 yards of 200 yards in NFL history. He is also the first three consecutive games in the history of NFL, at least 7 rookies, 100 yards, and a new show.

Wilkes will lead a talented rickets defense group. In the case of a young core player with rushing hand, Chandler Jones, Corner Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson), Wilkes’s defensive groups can become the best defensive group in the National United States.

Wash a 34: The play is usually used when it is close to the first attack or more, as long as your quarter-saving has a pressure. All health needs to be responsible for the defensive range, and there may be a vulnerability to let the opponent to kill.

Wilkes had just ended the first season as a black leopard defensive coordinator, before he served as a second-line defensive coach in the Black Panther. Wilkes also interviewed the coach of Titan and New York giants before Wilkes.

Quadruplicate: The T-format is very similar, in the A formation, quad-guards need many fake moves before making real offensive options to blind each other. If you have a strong punch ability, you can let him go to attack.

This season is currently, he has a ball 794 yards, 7 times to reach. The number of balls came to pick all the new show, and the external connector of the Carolina Black Panther team, Kelvin Benjamin followed the 768 yard, Buffalo Belgou took over Saji-Watekins ( Sammy watkins) is 649 yards, Brandin Cooks, New Orleans, Cooks, is 550 yards.

The reporter asked the reporter why Matthew left the team, Robinson answered this: “I think it is related to his role and offensive task. He may express these ideas last week. & Hellip; & hellip; he found me on Monday, demand Cold or trade out. We tried to explore the transaction with several teams, but there was no results. “

Defense guard: In addition to being good at intercepting the opponent’s defensive player, the defensive defender sometimes acts as a short-passed ball in the A formation, so he has a slightly known twice on how to catch the ball.

Titan will cut out the outside Rased – MatthewasBeijing September 28, US Time Thursday, Titan General Manager Jon Robinson announced the decision to cut out the Rased Matthews. Matthew submitted the team to the team yesterday, Robinson then tried to trade, but the outer junction did not have many markets.

Matthew had just signed a contract of $ 7.75 million a year ago. However, he only participated in 92 files in three games, 51% of the offensive group, this data is ratio Davis (85%) and Tajae Sharpe (58 %) Should be less. He completed 11 batches and pushed 11 yards.

However, there may be problems in the offensive group, and the quartz Palmer has declared retirement, and the outer hand is larry Fitzgerald, has not decided to have its future. . The offensive coordinator of Wilkes is critical to whether the ramp can be successful in the 2018 season and the future.

Bradford performance in the first game of Viking, the first game of the New Orleans Saint, he was restricted to the training of the knee injury, and now he is listed as a possible unknown. Despite this, Viking’s coach Mike Mike said that he believed that Bradford will start in the next game.

Evans admires the youngest single 200 code outside the historyNo rookie quadrant or running guards sustainable have a high level of output, most of the new show is the same. As a sixth star in 2014, 7 this figure gives him magical power.

Unlike traditional single-wing types, the four-dimensional Swan Safety station in the A formation station is relatively rely on the mixed war line. Moreover, the position of the defenders station is opposite to the single-wing type. Unlike the I formation, blog post from Meisac V formation, T-forms and Y-type, the A formation is called a formation, not because it looks close to English letters A, but is simple because Steve Owen’s personal preferences.