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Only 7 individuals from Algodonal were readily available for field evaluation. These people were so noted in the field to stop their addition in later relative analysis (Table I). Of 146 individuals analyzed, not all were adequately preserved for analysis (Table I). Some individuals had hair or scalp tissue that was too poorly preserved for analysis. The hair was likewise taken a look at for locations of minimum as well as maximum nit/egg thickness. The scalps were examined to identify areas of optimum nit density and also minimum nit density. Three monitorings were taken for each location of scalp minimum thickness as well as scalp optimum density (Table II). The mean optimum density for Chiribaya Alta as well as El Yaral were 1.7 and also 1.73 nits/eggs/cm2 specifically. The mean optimum louse thickness likewise differed per website. As can be seen, the biggest portion of louse observations originated from the few mummies that were greatly contaminated. As can be seen, the largest percentage of mommies had no lice nits or eggs. During breakdown of the mummies, we kept in mind the existence of louse nits and also eggs in the hair and also understood that a study of the mummies for nits as well as eggs would supply an unmatched Suggested Resource site of intersite relative information. Fig. 2: the percentage of louse observations by infection classification for Chiribaya Alta