Common Football-Related Injuries You Must Know

Football is an active sport that requires extreme fitness of players. Footballers are required to run throughout the game and tackle to get the ball. Their feet movement sometimes is so quick that they accidentally find the awkward movement of their feet or ankle. This is one of the reasons why footballers are more prone to getting orthopedic injuries.

Broken bones while playing football may be serious, especially when the fractured bone fragments get displaced from their true anatomical position. To bring them back in their true position and ensure proper healing, different types of orthopedic implants like Cannulated Compression System, Hand Plating System, or Titanium Elastic Nailing System may be used depending upon the location and seriousness of the fracture. In football, foot and ankle injuries are more common due to the nature of the sport.

Most Common Football-Related Orthopedic Injuries

Lateral Ligament Injury

This is the condition where the foot of the footballer accidentally rolled inwards or a misstep occurs. A sudden change of direction is one of the most common causes of this injury and that occurs frequently while playing football. This is why lateral ligament injury is one of the most common in footballers. To avoid serious complications, quick and proper treatment is required.

Osteochondral Lesions

Osteochondral lesions can occur in any joint of our body, but the knee and ankle are the most common ones. Probably, that is the reason why footballers are more prone to getting this injury. In this condition tear of cartilages present in knee or ankle joints is seen. In rare and serious conditions, a cyst may develop in the cartilage. So, it is advised to seek medical help without wasting much time to avoid any serious issues.

Jones Fracture

Jones fracture is the condition where the fifth metatarsal bone gets fractured and this is a reoccurring condition that is seen in footballers. One of the reasons why this occurs is due to stress on the bone. Wearing foot support for around 6-8 weeks may heal this condition, while in serious cases, surgical intervention may be required.

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendon connects calf muscles to the heel bone and when it gets inflamed, the condition is known as Achilles tendonitis. Stress or overuse of the muscle is one of the reasons why this injury occurs and footballers are more prone to getting this injury. It is advised to seek expert’s help to prevent worsening the condition if you suffer from Achilles tendonitis.

Orthopedic injuries require quick assessment by the doctor. If a delay occurs, most orthopedic conditions could become worse. In such cases, surgery becomes the last option left and it may require different types of orthopedic implants depending upon the seriousness and location of the condition. One thing to be noticed while using implants is that they should be of world-class quality.

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