Choosing a web host for Python? Here is how to do!

Python is suitable for developing websites, server-side applications, apps, games, and other tech-related gadgets. For instance, it has simple and readable syntax and a versatile library. Also, it is pretty easy to learn for the developers. So more or less, two to three out of ten web products have Python at their core, leading to the need for Python Web Hosting. However, unfortunately, many people don’t know much about the hosting environment requirements that they need for Python. So here, with a simple explanation, we have stated the essentials you need to take into account for the right web host for Python.

Database Options 

Next comes the databases. Not all web hosts offer the dame database collection. So here, you need to know what database options you are being provided. On the whole, the most suitable database is SQL. Thus, common names for databases include MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL lite. Where PostgreSQL is the recommended relational database for Python applications.

Python Module Installation

The hosting environment reliability and ease of use matters a lot. Otherwise, you always have to seek help from professionals or customer support services. Also, it can impact your workflow.

Thus, you need to consider if your web host lets you install the Python Web Hosting packages (directories of Python modules) yourself. In fact, many hosts provide complete ease to install modules with the hosting plans. But, eventually, one needs to search and select the module they fancy to install and simply restart the app.

Specifications for New Modules

Continuing from the above, you need to check which modules have the host already installed alongside checking the permission to install modules yourself. Or if it hasn’t. Also, if you want new modules to be installed, what are the rules and specifications concerning new modules.

Python Support 

This attribute is a must for a web host for Python, especially if you are a developer. Web hosts offer different packages; however, the package you are going to choose should have extensive Python support on the ground. Be it the server software or hardware resource or your own PC or laptop. It is because your specifications and the Python operating and programming system requirements must match to work on Python flawlessly.

Shell (SSH) Access

In addition to the above-stated specs for the web host for Python, you as the web owner or the developer should have Shell (SSH) access.

SSH stands for Secure Socket Shell and is a protocol for having the system administrator access. In simple words, SSH employs the command line to control the server remotely. In particular, connect to a server, manage and transfer the files, and perform other related tasks. So remember to check if your host will let you have Shell (SSH) access or not.

Python Interpreter Version

It isn’t new that many hosting companies are operating with old Python interpreter versions. A compelling reason is the little to no demand from the hosting users. However, you must be sure that the host has an updated Python interpreter version.

Plan Specifications 

It is always best to shortlist the plans that cite the Python (explicitly) and relevant specs in the technical specifications. Everything, be it the modules, libraries, Python versions, and their compatibility. The reason we mention here is that sometimes the host isn’t providing all the shots, yet the user assumes that it is.

Hosting Types

Last but not least, your chosen host should be providing all the types of servers for you to leverage. It is because you are to select the server from shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, and cloud servers, depending on your site or app requirement. In some cases, many hosting companies don’t support Python with their shared servers, so you need to know what you need and if your host is rendering it.


By now, you have understood how to find a proficient web host for Python hosting. So make sure to hook up with the Best Python Hosting to avoid quality and performance issues in the long run. Navicosoft stands among the leading hosting companies that provide excellent Python Web Hosting for python apps and products. Its high-performance hosting comes with the latest version updates and free site migration. Moreover, 24/ 7 customer support via ticketing, email, live chat, and phone support is also available.