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Packaging work signing defensive front line member Kien FransovaAfter the first week of the package, the defensive front line was touched by Ricky Jean Francois, but his departure was just temporary.

Jet will continue to arrange Vic’s first quarterNew York Jet Ryan Rex Ryan lost to the Kansas Emirates this week, it means that the team’s first four-point Wei Mike Vic Vick is well completed. The task, as long as you keep your health, he will continue to start with the Pittsburgh’s steel person next week.

He said: “Let me tell you that there is no best opportunity with the patriotic game, they are very good, I stayed there, even if they looked, they still know how to win the next game. Come back. So you have to prepare, follow the things you see in our video, do your best, because they have to go all out. “

1. More excellent Russell – Wilson, the first young man in the first two seasons in the first two season, the first young man in the rest of the tour, making his long biography again, he The big heart instincts and the feet are also witnessed on the road of the Hawks last year. And his weapon library has a stronger supplement with the healthy completion of Percy Harvin, with healthy Percy Harvin. Of course, his middle biography has a lot of places that can be improved.

The last patriot lost to the Philadelphia Eagle, was completed 5 times four-point guard killed by the eagle. For Vilfork, he and his defensive group clearly can give patriotic pressure, because his helper is J. J.Watt.

(2) Brown did not decide the main quarter-saving. At the beginning, Det Shan Kaze seems to have stand out with the appearance of the preseason, but the performance of the top five weeks before the regular season tells you that he may be a genius, but in Brown is really unhappy; Hugh – Jackson 6 Zhou let Kaisse sit on a cold bench, but last week again. You guess him will use Kaizie or Kevin – Hogan or Cord-Kasler premium;

Wilfolk looks forward to the game with patriotsIn the past 15 years of new England patriots can be said to be the most successful team of alliances, even if their list is full of injuries, they are still a team that is difficult to conquer.

(3) But! Regardless of the first hair, your blind side will no longer have a protection of the best left truncation. Because of the three-headed muscles, all-star cutoff Joe-Thomas actually reimbursed in the top 100,000 sets of careers. Topjo-Thomas is a five-wheeled Spanser Drang, maybe he can block Iverson-Griffin several gears, but you expect him to block Griffin’s entire four sections? Cleveland’s four-defense is still self-discovery.

5. Justin Britt will be the first to attack the trip to the right, the left-handed front is James Carpenter, the pass protection is the worst of the season. One ring, the play is a very concern that the offensive front line is unveiling.

When the eagle’s external hand is, it is more barren. After Massatus is retired, the eagle can barely take the extension group of Josh HUFF, the second grade Hunnien – Eiglson Agholor , Chris Givens and Ruben Randle, which joined in Route, Ruen Randle.

Unveiling the battle: the new face of the defending championAccording to the statistics of Football Outsiders Almanac, the average age of Seattle Haiwans who won last year is 26.4 years old. The average age-theorel championship in the ultra-bowl of times, and the three teams ranked 2 to 4 were later created the dynasty. Shengshi. Coupled with Pete Carroll, the teacher who is good at tuning young players, as well as Russell Wilson, will become the third grade of the Dynasty, and we can foresee it. The Haiying team in the new season will have more space. Here is a change in the Haiying team in the new season.

cheap Nfl jerseys Media Reporter Ian Rapoport said that Smith will be resended next week before Sunday, but the lucky performance of Vik zero will soon make a decision to make Lien coaches. This is very much to explain Ryan’s view of Smith, and also exhibit changes in how to end the team 8 links.

3. The last season of the last season is repeated by the illegal line guard Kj-White (Kjwright), although he is not a star player, his return will undoubtedly let the sea eagle horrible line guards have more than one midway iron gate. .

Despite still failure, Victor’s excellent performance helps jets play a rare wonderful game: the position of the quadrant is no longer their short board. This game Vic 28 passed 21 times, the number of codes reached 196 yards and completed 1 time, more importantly, Vik did not have any mistakes. Vik was injured in the fourth head, but he just missed 1 attack after it. During this time, the team accompanied by the main quadrotena-SMIS (Geno Smith) was quoted by Matt Simms.

(4) Miles-Galt, who appeared in an explosive situation, was suspected of shaking in the last week. If he can’t go to London, Brown can’t even find another punching hand that can give Viking offensive lines.

4. Tony McDaniel and CLIFF AVRIL will get the first position of Red Bryant and Chris Clemens in Leid Bryant and Chris Clemens . Despite the loss of two starters, the strength of the Hawks and the strong defensive group did not significantly decline. The front Viking people defensive cutaine Kievin Williams is a good reference. O’Brien Skifield (O & # 39; Brien Schofield) is also a powerful army that impacts the ball.