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“I don’t know,” Modekins said when he is asked when he looks forward to when Cape Nick began training. “As a coach, our mission is to teach anyone who is training on the court. Whenever they say that Corin can restore health, I have determined that he will return to training. He is around us, he participates in the meeting, he is doing very well. When he can return to me, we are waiting. “

Most team coach is careful about quadrupleness. The quarter-saving wearing red jersey means defensive players can’t hit them. Usually if there is a defensive player rushing over the four-point guard, then the verbal warning of the coach group is less.

Cowboy main line Weikemland this week due to illnessDarlas denim main midline Dallano – McClain This week, due to the absence of the body discomfort, the bodies of Washington, the cowboy said that McClan said that McClan did not take the team to Washington. Special plane.

Lyan’s 11-year defensive coordinator career, only two seasons transferred the team before 13, and the team he led was ranked before the defensive ranking in five seasons. One of Ryan can stay in an important reason for his relationship with the players. It is said that many defenders asked the team to leave Len, which also prompted the team to make a final decision. NFL official website reporters revealed that although the team chose several core members of the coaching group, some changes are still inevitable. Saints plan to dismiss current external handcakers, close-end coaches and defensive guards.

After experiencing a nightmare season, the Saint’s coach group had accused, and cheap Jerseys many teams chose to point the spear to Roy. In the previous interview, the head coach Sean Payton and the general manager McGemis’s work on Lane’s work, but did not reveal the team’s plan. But from interviews we can learn that Pen is still trusting this partner.

49 people offensive coach: I don’t know when Capek can return to the training.Colin Kaepernick continues to appear in the 49-person training ground in San Francisco, but he cannot participate in training after receiving multiple operations.

Gay said that he is considering the four-dimensional Danien Daniel Jones no longer wearing a red jersey that must not be impacted in the training. In the distance of less than 3 weeks from the season, Jiaji want Jones to withstand more hits.

The offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins said on Thursday that the team is waiting for Kynek to restore health, then he and BLINE Gabbert compete for the position of the first quadrant position. It will be fully launched.

Saints chooses to leave defensive coordinator LenAccording to the reliable news of NFL official website, the New Orleans Saints have decided to continue to use Rob Ryan as a team’s defensive coordinator in the 2015 season.

“I think we didn’t let him participate in activities such as the wrestling game,” Jia Ji said. “But some time, we will suffer some impact in his armor in the controlled environment. Maybe a young man who understands is a little bit slightly.”

Giants coach Qi Qi: Consider letting four points to afford to bear hit in trainingThe training method of the New York Giants New Coach Joe-Jiaji Judge has aroused disputes. And on Tuesday, he whed it again.

Sebastian – Ji Nushi is not willing to pay the salary There have been news from news, and the Auckland raid people want their own players to Barstian – Janith Janikowski actively pay the salary, but it seems that this old will be unwilling.

It is reported that the team tried to renegotiate the contract with a 39-year-old Jiksky. His contracts this season can earn $ 4 million, but Ji Nushi refuses for the team’s request, and this may result in the team to find a new player to replace him. It is reported that US Time On Monday, the raid person tried three players.

The patriot proves that they have no Gronoski to win the championship. But if this is the most capable player who can make trouble when the defensive player can return to excellent state, it will be great favorable to the offensive group that has been replenished during the offset period.

McKendland returned from the retired state of the season by the denim, restored in the University of Alabama, and he ranked second in the group in the team, which is the power of the best return player this season. Compete.

McClan participated in the team training in full around Wednesday, so according to the inferior Mac, it was dyed on Friday. However, Cowbi has determined that the Championship of the National Lian East is locked in the playoffs, so Macland’s lack will not have a great impact on cowboy.

“I feel great. I am ready to participate in training,” Gronoski said before the competition. “(Distance surgery) has been four months. I went back to the team base in Zhou to stay for a while, and the trainer training. I feel very good. I am very good. I started after the training Will be ready to participate. Very excited to return to the court. “