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The bear coach Negior: very excited team to get a lot of night commentsOn July 14th, the Chicago Bear will begin the 100th NFL season in the golden time of the Golden Bay packaging in the golden time night.

First, Dorsett is only 24 years old this year, height 178 ㎝, weight 84 ㎏, is the first round show in 2015, the physical quality is very good, the speed is extremely fast, his arrival is undoubtedly a great reinforcement . Like Cooks, because of young, they will have a place in the future.

NFL official website reporter Kimberly Jones reported that the giant and Beckham reached a consensus, the outer junction could not work with the team. Giants feel that there is no need to rush to let their best offensive players return to training.

“So, when we worked in the city and Kansas City, I learned from (Andy), Andy Reid, you won’t want to be a team with a lot of 12 o’clock or 1 point. “Naji said to NFL TV network. “You will want to be as many nights as possible. We are very excited to have this treatment.”

Second, EDELMAN is seriously injured. After next year, he will be the patriotic array in addition to Amendola’s oldest external connections. The patriot is replaced back to Dorsett, apparently preparing for EDELMAN could not restore the peak state.

Lobport said that it is not clear whether Braddy’s appeal is sufficient to reduce his four banned punishments, and it is not clear whether the quadrant has handed over his own mobile phone in the appeal process.

The four-person group gillislee, Lewis, White and Burkhead were all sprulted, but the special group of the screwdrivers Brandon Bolden was sicking, although there was a message that he would return to the patriot later, but this decision is still an accident.

After 10 years of assistant coach for Leid, Naji’s coach is impressive. Under him, the bear team has become the best level of the league from the league bottom, and the 12 wins and 4-dimensional performance and winning the national gains.

In another quarter-free Sparkston, Paxton Lynch, because the ankle injury cannot be determined, the Oswele is the first thing to be a chapter, especially in the game competition. The guards reached 147.7. Yes, the horses defensive group ranked 30th in the alliance, but this is enough to let him continue.

Saints coach Peston questioned the refereeThe New Orleans sorry regrets the transfer of the ball in the Golden Leopard of Carolina this week, and the team eventually got to kill. After the game, Sean Payton said that he was very dissatisfied with the penalty of the referee: “I told myself before the spending of the ball, avoid talking about the referee.”

Braddy appeal results the earliest will be announced next weekend When Tuesday night, the new England Patriots quartz, Tom Brady ended the appeal of four banned, and view site… its lawyers failed to make a decision schedule.

After 1 hour, the new England patriots once again shot, and the fourth episode showed excellent replacement quarter-off Jacoby Brissett to the Indian Pony, and changed back to Phillip Dorsett (below). After playing the performance of “epic” in the fourth episode, the price of Brisett is in the highest peak. At this time, it is very smart. This is a completely unexpected step, but it will inevitably cause a series of chain reactions.

The Denver wild horse quartz-assault is expected to be started in the next game against Washington Red Leather. In the game competition, Osville has replaced Trevor Siemian in the game and achieved 3 reachaes, helping the team 25-13 to defeat Indianapolis horses.

Results Pedon still did not endure the guns to the referee: “They have 12 players on the scene, 2 times! The referee did not give a reaction.” Pelton was very annoyed when he was interviewed, he also reminded the alliance needs These misses will be given clear statements as soon as possible.

Relevant persons revealed that Pelton was very angry after the final attack was sentenced to pass the ball. He believes that the Black Leopard Josh Norman interferes with the ball, but the referee has witnessed this. The reporter said: “I have never seen the appearance of Pedon.” The referee is indeed debatable in some of the registries in this game, and they can be explained in this week. But it is impossible to change, the saints have failed again.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the appeal of the hearing will be sent to Goodel next week. He will have to read these summary, which means he will not make a decision immediately.

Other players, including running guards, Lucien, Quanwei Glenn Gronk, DT Hamilton, de Grissom, there is no more opportunities, it is insufficient. However, it is difficult to say that the Operation of the patriot has ended, and in the next few days, the patriot will not stop the actions for their own lineups.

On September 3, the Patriot continued to work, and the Sixth Right of the Sixth Annual Draft was exchanged from Detroit to the corner Johnson Bademos. Bademos is 27 years old, height is 183. The weight is 93. It is a rookie in 2012. However, in recent years, Brown and Lions gradually stood in the foot, especially in the special team. According to ESPN, Bademos can be considered a highly prominent special group player in NFL. His arrival does not know if it is related to the injury of Slater, I hope he has no problem.