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Chicago bear activated Max Wilson

The Chicago Bear in the dilemma will go back to the outside of Mark Wilson this week. On Friday, the bear team announced that he included him in the team’s 53 people, which means that Wilson will have the opportunity to debut in the game with Minnesota this week.

Giants tetan the defensive line players to reinforce near-end

US time Saturday, New York Giants announced that the old man will defensive Duan Mrik-Ellis Kenrick Ellis, signing the near-end Wil-Tae (WILL TYE).

Jacksonville American Tiger and Bishop Continued to 2017

In the past three years, Jacksonville America has completed 12 wins and 36 negative records under the leadership of Gus Bradley, the team announced that they will renew this master on Friday. Coach to the 2017 season.

The general manager is commended in the team website: “For our team, we believe that we will go down, signing Ges helps our 2017 season, he understands our existing players, can Find suitable free players for us. “

Petty is a 4-year show in 2015. In the past two seasons, Patty has been in the past two seasons. The results of the jet, the record 1-6, the pass rate of 53.1%, advanced 1353 yards, achieved 4 reaches, being copied 10 times.

This season, the United States, the United States has completed 5 wins and 11 negative records is the best season in the family in Three years. The most important reason is because of the four-point Week Bortles and his external connections gradually. growing up.

Evaluation: The five-round show is the most luxurious resume with Sherman. Sixty seasons have been completed in six seasons, complete 30 times, 92 times destroyed. In the four years, I have been selected for professional bowls. I have been selected for All-PRO, and there is no absence of a first game in the past five years. A veritable elite guard.

Before the draft, there was a rumor that dolphins were intentionally used to sign the four-point guard, but in the end they did not want. Dolphins finally took away the defensive defending cards in the first two rounds – Fitzpatrick and the near-end Tmiek, Mike Gesicki.

Formula calculation: MVP = 7 points, annual attack / defensive player = 6 points, all-pro once = 5 points, annual attack / defensive rookie = 4 points, career two years, selected professional bowl = 3 points, other selection professional bowl = 1 point

During the tour, Wilson clavicle fracture, which led him to the present. Wilson’s regression of Wilson with a height of 6 feet will provide a new game goal to a certain extent to a certain extent. I hope that Wilson can do a bigger breakthrough in the second year of their career. Teammates Alhen ‘s Expression: “Only the sky is his limit.”

This season, the bear team has never been able to take a reliable 3rd taken behind Brandon Marshall and Jeffe. Earlier this week, the team chose to cut back the old people Santonio Holmes, thereby empty a location for Wilson from the big list. At present, Marshal, Josh Morgan and Martellus Bennett have hurt, and the bear hopes that Wilson’s return can help the team get out of 3 wins and 6 losses. The first home game was the first home season.

Evaluation: The new year’s preseason has encountered a knee injury to make Dkastro’s fun, but he recovered is not bad, catching up with the last four games of the steel person. Then the right strike has maintained health and grow steadily. After the fifth year of his rookie contract, Pittsburgh executed the fifth year of the contract, his performance was selected in the selection of All-PRO, and was selected for the second consecutive year.

Evaluation: Heteman is actually not honor (he has been added 1 point because of his career longevity), but a seven-year show will have a good value for the team for eight consecutive eight years. He has won 49 people in the Bobb McKitTrick Award, which is awarded to the best offensive front line in the team.

Stanford has produced 63 draft players since 2000, with the 18th place in the University of Iowa. Seattle Sea Eagle Wrath Wan Richard Sherman leads the rest of the alumni with great advantage. Stanford’s players are not strong, and only three of these 63 selection sources (Sherman, Andrew Ruck, David Dekastro) were selected for professional bowl. Although the Haiying Exterior Trigger-Baldwin is selected in a professional bowl last season, he is Stanford to show the show, so it is not in this list.

Evaluation: The first three years of the lake career have started every game, and the team brought the team in the playoffs, and it is also selected for professional bowl. Compared with the same year’s Red Leather Lombard, Robert Griffin III, Robert Griffin III is more excellent. Although the various injuries in the past two years tried to hold Tracted, if the talent, he is still a number of NFLs number one number two.

Becident of Stanford University, five Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China draft sign

The score involved in this paper uses a specific formula (see the end of the text), involving the honor obtained in his career, such as being selected as a career bowl (even if it is replaced by injury), and is selected for a while. It also covers a sign, the first round of show is the lowest, and the seven round show will benefit the highest. Career longevity and outstanding performance will also have an impact.