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Last week became the Sanders, the Best Technical Group player of Mei Week, was held in this competition dolphin. He tried 8 shots, hit 7 times, at least 1 free kick at each game. This data is only a record created by the former Tennesi Toyan player Robert-Bynos (Rob Bironas). Sanders missed a 34-yard emitted door in the third quarter. If he succeeds in his life, then he can chase a record, while the dolphins may also win.

Even if Whitot is very small this season, it is very optimistic about Mike Groh. He participated in all memories. He made a powerful thing. Of course, he accepts all acceptable treatments. When he saw his injury began to recover, he felt excited, maybe he saw a hopes. “

“I think there will be competition in some positions in the replacement line,” Jim Harbaugh “is represented when the team quadrant position is asked. “The fastest people can leave. I think there are many positions to apply this truth.”

Bear external hand White will play this seasonAfter accepting surgery in August, after the treatment of tibia stress fractures, Chicago Bear’s first-round show, Kevin White, faded out of people’s attention. I recently started to do some lightweight running training.

Fitz Patrick: Players will be attracted by TenguovaaRyan Fitzpatrick has been very popular among the players, and he attracted many friends with its own unique personal charm. In his opinion, this year’s dolphin’s first round of four-dimensional Tu, TUA Tagovailoa, also has similar ability.

Thomas’ s hope for the position of the four-guard position will not force the wild horse coach group to make a decision in the two people. But you can understand why Thomas may want to make him a pass on him as soon as possible.

Wild horses will be trained with 49 people in San Francisco before the second appearance of San Francisco on August 19th. Thomas’s timetable means a higher expectation for two-point guards that have a flash point in the break.

Fitz Patrick told reporters on Saturday: “He is a very interesting person, energy is very powerful. You can be attracted to him. He is the ability to have a recruitment. I already know, he will It is the kind of person who is going to everyone. “

His contribution has been remembered by Manning, recently media people revealed that Manning bought a team for Taylor. For Manning, this may not be a very troublesome thing, but it is very big to buy a jersey to buy a jersey for each other.

Fitz Patrick has contributed a lot of exciting performance for dolphins last year, often playing the dolphins from the abyss, walking to the role of victory. Although he is likely to be starting at the beginning of the season, Fitz Patrick also clearly be swapped by Tengo Valoa at any time.

The bear team will carefully deal with White returns, and his long-term health is the most important thing. Since the selected, he has not participated in a armor training, which is another reason that is not anxious to return.

Performance of the worse plight team No. 2 quarter-point guardBLINE Gabbert is considered to be the number one substitute for Colin Kaepernick at the San Francisco 49. However, after his local time, we can’t think of it after a nightmare in the evening of Thursday evening.

Thomas also said that the wild horses took over, the quarterfield, near-end and running guards will hold private pass training camps after about one week. Thomas hopes that these training can help two quadrants.

The 49 people seem to have no good choices in the quartent position. Another substitute quarter-sized Swan Johnson (Josh Johnson) This game data is better, but he can’t lead the team score. Johnson is difficult to stay in cheap nfl Jerseys from China before returning to Habbao. The latter has taught him three seasons at San Diego University. McLold – Bethel-Thompson lacks experience and is almost as bad as Gibd.

If Capnik is missing for a while, the 49 people can stay doubtful. It is also doubtful that the 49 people team started at the beginning of the regular season. The four-point guard at this time is already in the array.

When Thomas received an interview on Friday, he said he hoped that the position of the four-defense position can be “about a week and a half after the start of the training camp,” in front of us to San Francisco “.

Wild horses take over Thomas hopes that the four-point guard competition ends as soon as possibleBeijing July 8th, when the training camp in July, the competition in some locations will gradually heat.

One of the most interesting positions in this year will be the four-defense position of Denver Mangma, the current first Terevon, Tremian, will be in the first round of the first round of Xiopchston – Lynch (Paxton Lynch) Division.