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Maiju is the three-wheeled show writes in the official rgo4.com blog 2002, which is effective for three years. After three years, he has been to the lion, the raid, the dolphins (Safe Season), the Black Leopard, Hartford Colonial (United Rugby Union United Football League) Team), 49 people (racing only season), bear, pirate, brown and jet.

Watkins is put in the injury reserves means that he will at least absence eight weeks, which makes people don’t have to ask if he will play every week. Since Watekins complained about the feet in the first week, it had happened every week.

Detroit Neuro signed the former Viking Run to Matt – Rega TowerThe Detroit Lion did not sign the running guard in the free player market. But now they finally shot, sign a contract with the Matt Asiata (Matt Asiata) for 1 year.

Recently, a high-speed road big name was erected, and “welcomes Mario Tag to the new home”, of course this brand is also used for season package sales. There is another interesting slogan below: “This duck is going to land!” Yes, because of Oregon Logo is a duck style.

However, it is reported that Bill has not yet chooses to let Watekins are subject to surgery. The team chooses to let him enter the injury reserve list is to return to him to recover and reduce the pressure of the foot, because Watekins can play, if he can’t play a role.

Matthew’s rookie contract has entered the last year, his original annual salary of US $ 12.496 million. He is the Falcon 2014 6th show, and only one game has not been started. He provided trustworthy blind side protection for Matt Ryan, which also exchanged the union level of salary.

Contracting to the 2022 season, and recombinant Julio Jones, let him stay in the training camp, Di Midlov and the left side of Jack – Matthews Jake Matthews) Completes a $ 55 million contract. The amount of guarantee is currently unknown

The 30th place of the rush of the lion last season, so their running guards are considered to be one of the positions that need to be improved. But last season’s bad squad attack is part of the two running guards Ameer Abdullah (foot injuries) and the Sao-Redkend (wrist injury) is ultimately in the injury reserve The season is ended.

The 29-year-old Assa Tower participated in the new show mini training camp for the lion in two weeks ago. At that time, the lion did not decide to sign him. However, after the end of the first week of break, the team did a sign of his decision.