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Bolkkot’s 2nd year in his career, that is, in the last season, the League of League in the last season, and Empiricaltherapeutics.com helping the Mamari Defense Group Rankings 3rd, this expression makes him enter the professional bowl. He became the second place in this month, the Tiger player who was signed in the contract, before the quarter Dalton agreed to a 6-year value up to $ 150 million in renewal contract.

JJ Watt 70.5 smashed into history second fast

JJ Wattt’s first quartz of career is got on Drew Brees in the Saints of New Orleans, is time, on Sunday. In the end of the game, he completed the killing in Bris, and sent it to the historical record.

Dolphins completed the ruling stage in the first half, and established a 17-0 score advantage before the rest of the midfield, but they did not keep the momentum to the second half. The tiger has a 27-point, including two defensive groups to reach, and they did not give opposting opportunities to opponents, and finally 27-17 reverse wins, the record became 4-1, and the dolphins were connected after the three consecutive wins in the opening season. field.

In subsequent time, the jet has been 13 points and eventually reversed the giant people in 23-20. This decision in Cofflin is also amplified after the game. Coflin said: “4 files 2 yards, according to our state in this attack, the time of the game, the score of the time, I think it is the best choice. If I will come back, I will make the same decision. More important is not this attack, but the performance of the team. “

Katnik completed another record in 1925

San Francisco 49 people’s four-dimensional Kahin-Colin Kaepernick threw 2 cups after 5 minutes and 57 seconds before the start of Arizona, completed the fastest introduced since 1925. The embarrassment record.

Corylin repeatedly emphasized that there is no problem with this choice, which is the most suitable offensive option at that stage. After losing this game, the giant may therefore lose the favorable position in the competition of the National Liandong District champion. 3 wins and 8 losses Dallas denim and the 5-winning Washington red skin will be held in Monday night games, Www.Kalopedia.online while the record of Philadelphia eagle has been flat. Competition within the partition will continue to continue.

Nike Patriots #21 Malcolm Butler Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL New Elite JerseyTigers and main lines are required for about 4 years.

On Wednesday, ESPN reporters Adam Caplan and Adam Schefter gave a state familiar with information, Cincinnati Tiger and External Wei Feng Taiz – Bolfkot (Vontaze Burfict) signed a copy 4 years worth $ 20 million in renewal contract. Informed people said that this renewal will make him earn $ 7.6 million this year. After leaving the University of Arizona, he was signed by the team as a result of the twainst team, which was $ 570,000 this season. This is considered that there is no doubt that the leader of the Tiger Defense Group Leader expires after the end of this season, so he needs to be renewed.

After leaving the head injury, Laremy Tunsil left a grade for the protection of Ryan Tannehill, the protection of Ryan Tannehill due to the head injury. Tiger three times kill Tam Hayell, two of which contributed by Gino Atkins. Every time Tam Hill tries to pass the ball, Atkins will appear in a timely manner and oppressed him.

The first attack in the offensive group was copied by Justin Bethel, and completed 21 yards. The second offensive group offensive, the passage of Katnik was copied by Tyren Mathieu, and completed 33 yards.

Earlier in the game, instead of Tang Hill’s left cut Sam-Yang (Sam young) did not stop Michael Johnson, causing Tam Hill to raise his hand because it was pressed, and the ball hit it nearly The helmet of Durham Smythe, played in the direction of Johnson. Johnson did not have a waste of opportunities, he copied the ball and attacked 22 yards, chasing the score to 17 flat.

Cauffein insisted that there is no problem with the four files

In this week’s competition, a tactical choice of Tom Coughlin in the New York Giants was questioned by the outside world. When the game with the New York jet is 5 minutes and 50 seconds, the giant is leading 20-10. The team at the distance of 4 yards from the end area, attempts 4th-speed transfer, and finally Eli Manning, the team was disappeared, and the team missed the opportunity to continue to expand the lead.

This professional bowl level running guards in the 12th week, and therefore missed the competition for the past three weeks. But the lightning is very competitive, winning all three games. Gordon’s returns will make the lightning attack more fierce, and also increased a chance to win the name of the partition from the chief. Six weeks before the knee injury, Gordon can advan the team for more than 100 yards.

Lightning running 卫 戈 close to the return, near Feng Henry participated in the training

Beijing December 18th, US Time Monday, Lightning Coach Anthony – Anthony Lynn, told reporters that Melvin Gordon will be restricted to participate in training, last Thursday, “very close” regression . Lin En said: “If the game is arranged on Sunday, Gordon may be played.”