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According to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters, Ian Rapoport, the nuclear magnetic resonance results show that the knee in the knee, the inner sub-ligament and the half-month board are intact. In addition to the knee extension, there are some bruises around the knee in the knee.

Lynch demonstrates potential in a limited appearance time. His speed and mobile capabilities in the quartz guard net have no doubt on the average level, but although the record is poor, the ball shock of the Jagua has made great progress than before.

Then Braddy mentioned the university football game this week, he said: “There are many competitions in Massachusetts, many of the university champions will be produced, including the four-point guards of the former patriots – Braiso ( The son of Drew Bledsoe will represent Oregon, this is really great. Thanksgiving is always related to football and family, this is really great. “

The Jeff Fisher said on Monday, said that despite poor performance in the game, Hill will continue to serve as the first quarter. Hill was late in the second festival, when the ram 0-13 came behind. “Sean is our first quarter-off, so if he is healthy, he will start, and the whole season will be like this,” Fisher said to ESPN.

Lynch on October 9, instead of injured Ximei first play, eventually taking 16-23 to Atlantan Falcon. In that game, his 35 passed 23 successfully obtained 223 yards 1 time Deton 1 time passed. This season, he passed the 393 yard 2 times to the 393 yards.

Lynch’s first opportunity may be once, multi-party reports called foot sprains are short-term injuries. However, once an excellent starting performance allows the wild horse to continue the competition seating seat and enhance the confidence of Lynch.

At present, 7 wins and 4-linked wild horses can no longer have to fail in the next game. Although the wild horses may usually be the ideal opponent in the face of the new quarter, Linqi is now responsible for the hopes of the hopes of the wild horse season. The wild horses are currently ranked third in the partition, but there is one behind the external card.

Can the ram four-point guard play a doubt that is still a coach?

The St. Louis ram has to continue to explore the first player in their quarter guard. cheap nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople According to the informed people, the local time reported that the first quartz SHIEN SHAUN HILL will play the second week, he is in the martial arts Four muscle straits in the game of Mingnesota Viking.

According to the team coach, Gary Kubiak, said that although the main force of the wild horses hopes to have the main force of the left foot sprained, the Trevor Siemian is able to play the game against Jacksonville, they finally Or choose to let their first round show quarter-saving completed this season for the second start.

15th Week and Night Race: Sapphire @ 老

On the 15th week, Sunday Night, Philadelphia Eagle ushered in the strongest opponent Arizona, the most powerful opponent. The Head of the National United District has long been locked in the seasons. Now it is necessary to ensure that their first round of truck is eligible. The Eastern Eastern District of the eagle continues to maintain confusion, red skin, eagle, and giants have the possibility of existence.

Hill received a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination in Monday, and it is currently looking at the game “opportunity very small” on the game of Tan Palwan Pirate. ” The ram will have a further understanding of Hill’s state on Thursday or Wednesday. The 34-year-old Hill played the entire first half of the race, and 13 shots were successfully received 81 yards, and the passed forward was copied. He entered the starting lineup after the third week of the original first quarter-Braz-Bradford, the third week of the Sam Bradford.

11 wins and 2 negative Arizona’s Red Tites have no need to have a confirmation, basically locate the second chair of the country. Just keep the status status, it will not be a difficult thing to enter the super bowl. The main four-point Wei Karson-Parmer played a more favorable season: 4003 yards and 31 Dove data, in the leading phase of the regular MVP. After the Chris & Bull; the Johnson season reimpleted, this year’s rookie running guard David – Johnson picked up the flag of the pavement of the red rhena, and even the running of him, he won a total of him, far leading to other rookies Such a performance is enough to make many teams missing his team. The red scitch led by the old Larry Fitzgerald gave Palmer more support, while Fitzgerald also swept the battle last season, the Spring Spring was strong this season. Such a performance undoubtedly giving a big confidence in the red tones to restart the super bowl

6 wins and 7-longned Philadelphia eagle conducted a large-scale lineup challenge during the offset period. From the priority of the ram trading, the quartz Sam-Braford is obviously not adapted to the tactical style of the coach, Kelly, although it is possible to keep healthy, “Da Sam” is obviously unable Convincing the fans: 2664 yards pass the number of ball codes of 14 passed the ball reached the array and 11 times of copy, the passage score, the quarter-branch score is all inverted. Kelly uses Falls in the snap-in to exchange Braford, and now it seems to be lost. Last year, Dr. Murray was also struggling. With the auxiliary of the frontline of the Cowboy Cosmic Level, Murray only won 603 yards, even 13 shots only won 3 The code of the code. After the offset period lost the main way, J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J Jindan – Matthew picked up the flag of the team’s number one, and he won 680 yards and 4 times. Results can only be said to be, but the eagle wants to advance the playoffs. He needs to come out more about the performance. It’s more surprises for the eagle, this season gives the fans more surprises, Ben Ni Rogen and Jordan Hicks play a good performance, and the defensive front line consisting of Rogan and Fletcher Cox can make Any team is headache. The security combination consisting of Malcolm-Jenkins and Walter Shot is also one of the alliance groups. One of the security guards. After experiencing a season, I believe that next young eagle defensive group will give fans more. Many expectations.