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“I don’t want him to think that he can play anything,” Riviera said on Wednesday. “Whether he doesn’t play, I have a group of people ready to appear …. I don’t want to give any mistakes, because I want these people to care about the game.”

But when Brown faces Arizona, they have the opportunity to pull the winning rate back to 50% and won four games in the past 5 games. The team management still supports Freddie Kitchens in the first year.

This is not Johnson’s first mentioned that he can’t play for other teams. He also said that when he visited the Auckland raid training during this year, he also said something similar. In Italy, Johnson said more straightforwardly, he thinks that the lion will get a super bowl of championships.

On Thursday, the Black Leopard coach Russen Ron Rivera said Allen and Jononathan Stewart “seems very well,” and Allen will arise according to his pain. degree. Obviously, there is a lot of time a day. Allen will not be able to play, and Stewart may play the next game.

The Black Panther has determined the defensive end of Jared Allen (foot injury) lack this crunch. Allen injured in the partitioned final week and was absent from most of this week before the training of limited participation on Thursday. Kony Ealy will be played in place.

The team will evaluate all aspects, but Kiqixes may have a lot. In the past 5 games, 4 wins and 1 linked to him, at the same time, the team also told him that he was a coach in the first year, so there is still a growth room. The team knows this when merbying Kids.

The data acquired by Nielsen in 10 seasons is enough to make his top team’s greatest rancore. In 136 games, he completed 550 times (team 3), obtained 7848 yards (fifth team fifth), achieved 69 times to Dagua (Team History Second), 25 games Bai (team 3). In addition, he is the only player in the history of packaging team (2011, 2014 and 2016).

Carol: Lynch may play against the Beijing-Tianjin

Local time Monday, Seattle Sea Eagle Catholic Pete Carroll announced that MARSHAW LYNCH has been prepared in this week. The beast run will return to the game after absent 2 months. Carol also said that the team still needs to make a final decision through observing Linqi’s training.

“I was trapped in Detroit, they told me that they won’t cut me, so I have to return to them. I couldn’t see that they had the possibility of winning the super bowl, I put so much effort, not worth it. Waste time do these things … but you can’t go. “

Carol said: “I feel that his situation is very good.” According to the wholesale Nfl jerseys official website reporter, Lin Qi returned training means he has resumed health. The 5th occupational bowl running guard will be considered a key ring in the Golden Season. Their goal is naturally a superb bowl again.

Johnson is dissatisfied with the bad record of the lions. Most lion fans think that many years of bad performance is at least one of the reasons why the Weihao is 30 years old. The front of the front of the lion fans saw the same dissatisfaction, Barry Sanders, selected early retirement.

Informed people revealed that the Brown management continued to support Kiqinus and wanted him to succeed, a long-term coach team. Although the routine season is about to end the outside world, he has guess his handsome security issues, unless the team suddenly collapsed, Kiqinus will continue to serve as Brown coach.

The Cleveland’s management continues to support the coach Jinshenus

As one of the most expected teams before the start of the racing, the best in the season, it can be said that Cleveland Brown does not reach the expectation.

Bryant returns to training, this week will appear

Dallas Cowboy will take back the top of the team this week. Dez Bryant returned to the team training from the local time on September 11. Although he is only limited to several training programs, but if you don’t accident, the team will arrange him in this week’s game.

Bryant’s recovery is encouraging, Wholesale Jerseys and this star takes over the right foot fracture in the season of the New York Giants, but his recovery time is slightly shorter than the planning time. This week, the opponent of Cowboy will be Seattle Hawks, Bryant will encounter a huge challenge at the beginning of the coming. Cowboy’s current quarter-free is Matt Cassel, Jason Garrett, revealed that Bryant can participate in training before participating in the competition, and Kassel cultivated tacit understanding. .

Bryant’s regression will have an immediate effect on the current 2 wins and 4 losses, cowbur in the bottom of the country. Tony Romo still takes a few weeks to recover. If you want to impact the playoffs, Bryant and Cowboy Defensive Group need to take more responsibility at this stage.