5 best Windows server Backup software you can use

With backups being the essentiality, users can adopt automatic, manual, and scheduled backups approach for their servers and websites. This post spotlights the proficient Windows Server Backup software that users can use alongside their hosting environments.

Needful for Backups for Windows Hosting

Backups are the need of any website or server to survive unforeseen disasters like cyber-attacks, periodic updates, security threats, accidental editing or deletion of important files. So no matter which of windows and Linux configuration you are using for your servers or whichever website type, development platform and CMS you incarnate for your online business. Also, if the disaster pops up from your side or your windows hosts side, you have bought your Windows Shared Hosting, VPS or dedicated servers. All preparation boils down to backups if you don’t want to lose data or start from scratch. Users with Windows servers are curious as to which software to use to  

Now let’s dive in explore:

5 Best Windows server Backup software

  • Acronis Cyber Backup

One of the effective, easy-to-use and secure backup solutions for windows servers is Acronis Cyber Backup. It offers full Server environment coverage for all virtual, physical, or cloud servers. You can choose the storage location, and a few clicks and time are enough to back up. Similarly, data of your choice and restoring and recovering the data back is seamless, too, no matter the individual files, applications, separate disks, volumes, or the entire system. Also, it is a scalable solution that caters to all scale enterprise needs. Acronis Cyber Backup allows a 30-day free trial. After that, it costs around $ 319 per year and has a simplified licensing system.

  • Backup Assist

Backup Assist is a business-grade backup software to back up the Windows Server environments. All size and niche SME business/ enterprises government departments, institutions and non-profits can suitably use it. As far as the backup features are concerned, it has top-class backup capabilities for complete server and file-based backup, destination choices, onsite, offsite and offline recovery options. Backup Assist has a premium version only, but users can also opt for a free trial.

  • N‑able Backup

The third in the Windows Server Backup software line is the N‑able Backup. N‑able Backup is a comprehensive cross-platform backups software assisting in managing Windows Server backups alongside backups for all types of virtual, physical, or cloud servers, applications, including Microsoft 365. So backing up, accessing, retrieving becomes the easiest. It uses data encryption, consumes less storage, and offer storage in 30 data centres worldwide. Moreover, its efficient Backup dashboard makes it easy to manage and view the Windows Server information via simple charts and graphs.

  • IPERIUS Backup

IPERIUS is a comprehensive and professional backup software for Windows servers and computers with support for all versions, catering to all scale businesses and companies.

It includes an endorsement for various languages and has both free and premium versions. Luckily, the freebie version has no license limitation and no expiration. At the same time, the advanced version has more features for professionals; you can test them with a free trial. Moreover, affordable price is another hallmark. IPERIUS backup has easy licensing and is a stable, high-performance, lightweight, flexible, portable backup software.

  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication

NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers advanced backup, recovery and replication features for your virtual, physical, cloud and SaaS environments. Despite being a multi-platform solution, it is easy-to-deploy and provides multi-location data backup like direct backups to the cloud, backup to tape, and comprehensive recovery. In addition, it is cost-effective, and users can have a perpetual or subscription license based approach to make it usable. ‘Basic’ plan comes at $99 per socket, and the highest plan, namely ‘Pro’, costs $ 399 per socket.

Many of these backup solutions work for both Windows and Linux and are pretty popular to copy and secure the web hosting environment. In addition, almost all of these Windows server Backup software has constructive assistance to eliminate spamming, viruses and other security breaches.

Backups indeed streamline your workflow and minimize the hosting hassles. However, always remember to register with the host that offers premium Best Windows Hosting. That being said, reputed hosts serve the clients by providing backups for their websites daily and ensure that the data is safe and sound, whichever server type you have at the core. Besides, some web hosting companies offer it for free while others have minute charges.

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