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Although the outside world has always commented that Beckham is a selfish player, only the ball right and attention, his statement is not the case. If the Brown offensive group is able to play outstanding, even if Baker Him does not have a lot of data, he still plays an important role.

At the same time, the competition of the Guangzhou Division Primary School also opened in the Foshan Tianxing Center. The small team members of the Tianxing Dai played excellent, giving the audience a wonderful game! Let us applaud for their courage!

Brown take over Baker Ham: Need to help the team’s scorpion attack

After two weeks after the season, the external hand of Little Odel-Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) adjusted the expectations of this season.

Fang Ji revealed that all quarters were visiting the team to watch the competition in the original team’s holiday. They are of course a good intention, but the care of the behavior causes a bad consequence.

“This is the mortgage between players in the game, trying to improve the slap in the start of the shock attack or other aspects, this is the new goal other than the wins,” Beckham said. “Nick-checked needs to be the league number running guard, or Carrim is also true. You have two genuine top running guards, our team is very very very good, so you have to play an advantage. Then I I feel that you will understand where you are suitable for playing and where you can complete the attack, where to help the team. “

Different Wonderful – NFL Waist Flash Football Tournament Beijing Division, Guangzhou Division Strong Operation

On 10 o’clock on October 7, a large wave of rugby enthusiasts were gathered on the 2nd football field of Xiaofei Fitness Center, and the NFL Waist Banner Football Tournament Beijing Division is in full swing. in progress.

Until Saturday training, the wild horses know that all four-point guard can’t play the game against Saint. This unprecedented situation allows attack coaches to quickly surrounded external hands of the four defiguments, KenDall Hinton, designed to be off-attack tactics. Xinton started college career in the four-guard position, but he has changed to take over when he left the university. One month ago, he also held a fundraising work in the company, and he was promoted cheap jerseys From china the spending group on Saturday to a big list.

Jones 2014 and the 2015 season were selected for professional bowl. After the first season, the groin was injured in the groad and ended in advance. After May accepting sports hermetic surgery, Jones said that he has returned to a state of 100% health.

Wild Horse Coach: Disappointed with the four-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-seventh prevention rules

Vic Fangio (VIC Fangio) was very disappointed with the saints of Denver in Denver, and was very disappointed with the Saint of the New Orleans; & mdash; not for the players of the team, but for Cungrao.net the team’s 3 quadrants.

Since Xinton cannot get a lot of training times before the game, his performance in the game is unexpected in the outside world. He has successfully achieved 13 yards once a twice, and 2 passes were copied. The wild horse also requested that Philip Lindsay and Royce Freeman were involved in many wild cat tactics. The wild horse has promoted 112 yards in the game, achieving 6 first attack, relying on the opportunity to pass by the copy of the opponent to complete 1 anygball gate score.

If the new labor agreement is finally passed, the number of newly fame will also increase the profit of the league, and the amount of salary cap will also be further improved. The increase in the number of increases in 2021 will also be larger than previous years.

At 10 o’clock on October 16, the Beijing Division Open Group, the competition of primary and secondary schools will continue to start at the 2nd football field of Xiaofei Sports Fitness Center! Wonderful continuation, look at a lot, come to witness the generation of the champion team!

Doug Marrone and the Executive Vice President Tom Coughlin will not be satisfied with Albert asking Albert and is satisfied with the dismissal. Considering the history of Albert’s age and injury, whether or not the American tiger meets his requirements, they still need to give priority to the offensive intervene in the draft.

“I am disappointed at the two levels. One is our quarter-saving us. The second is that our quarter-saving alliance is in this situation. We count on the leader of this team. So this is disappointing, “Fang Ji said.

Albert, who has entered the 10th season, showing that he is still a stable left truncation when he is healthy. But he is injured. Since 2011, he has never been all diligent in the season, he lacks 4 games last season.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, 22 university team team gathered in Xiaowui stadium and began warm-up preparation activities. Although the sky is not beautiful, the autumn rain has not stopped, but the temperature dropped did not affect the enthusiasm of the players, and a wonderful event on the football field, a shouted slogan seems to tell you to tell everyone & mdash; & mdash And the new season, we are ready!